SSH integrated learning knowledge points (1)

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1.struts of Internationalization:

struts.custom.i18n.resources = globalMessages

English configuration file:

firstname = firstname

lastname = lastname

age = age

Chinese profile:

firstname = \ u59D3

lastname = \ u540D

age = \ u5E74 \ u9F84

And in the jsp in the control display by taking an international approach:

<s:form action="saveUser">

<s:textfield name="user.firstname" label="%{getText('firstname')}"> </ s: textfield>

<s:textfield name="user.lastname" label="%{getText('lastname')}"> </ s: textfield>

<s:textfield name="user.age" label="%{getText('age')}"> </ s: textfield>

<s:submit> </ s: submit>

<!--< s: textfield name = "user.firstname" label = "% (getText ( 'firstname')}"> as follows: take an international usage of -"

</ s: form>

2. General ssh class hierarchy should be as shown below, where dao layer objects on a certain javabean all data manipulation interface, dao.impl layer interface based on the hibernate specific operations to achieve, it is strongly recommended that action and dao layer sandwiched between the service layer to prevent the action directly access the database, so that service layer service can write to other logic.

<! - EndFragment ->

3. class service layer getter and setter methods in the main role is to parse spring in the server configuration document is used to service service layer into the dao object. The service layer code for the following main method is to use setter injection userDao this service layer.

private UserDAO userDao;

public UserDAO getUserDao ()


return userDao;


public void setUserDao (UserDAO userDao)


this.userDao = userDao;


And then directly in the service implementation class for database operations directly call the dao

public void delete (User user)


this.userDao.removeUser (user);


For example, in the following spring configuration documentation applicationContext.xml configuration: The second of bean in the name = "userDao" expressed in the above code in the service of the userDao object, ref = "userDao" said the first one beanid.

<bean scope="singleton">

<property name="sessionFactory">

<ref bean="sessionFactory"/>

</ property>

</ bean>


<property name="userDao" ref="userDao"> </ property>

</ bean>

<! - EndFragment ->

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