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ssh demo war package to save their own use

  • ssh demo 2010-03-29

    ssh demo war package to save their own use

  • Hibernate and connection pooling 2008-11-18

    Hibernate support third-party connection pool, the official recommendation of the connection pool is C3P0, Proxool, and DBCP. When configuring connection pool to note three points: 1, Apche of DBCP in the Hibernate2 is supported, but is no longer rec

  • struts2 + hibernate + spring + flexgrid page implementation 2010-07-28

    struts2 + hibernate + spring + flexgrid page implementation: 1, new construction, adding struts2, hibernate, spring, and the corresponding version of the required jar package jar file list to be added as follows: 2, modify the web.xml configuration:

  • Git.Gerrit与Jenkins/Hudson CI服务器 2015-01-24

    本文讲述了如何为基于团队的代码审查系统配置Git.Gerrit与Jenkins/Hudson,正如我在<Git, Gerrit and Jenkins for iOS development>和<Gerrit Git Review with Jenkins CI Server>演讲(以及第一次提出这种做法的<Someday...>)中所倡导的那样. 文中的范例假定你所使用的操作系统是OS X或Linux,但是如果你愿意,也可以在Windows上运行它们. 配置Git 很

  • [Gerrit]Gerrit的安装及用户注册 2015-05-03

    安装背景 安装前的各项环境信息如下: OS:ubuntu 12.04 64bit Gerrit Vers: 2.5.2 jdk Vers: 1.6.31 apache Vers: 2.2.22 以下的安装步骤是个人按照(原始文档)文档中的步骤来完成 具体由些部署是根据自己的情况做了部分调整,主要是针对自己的理解,如果看不懂以下内容,可以直接访问以上地址查看 安装步骤 1. 安装java的环境,及导入java的环境变量 2. 安装apache,用于jenkins认证和代理访问 个人是采用apt安装

  • ssh + ajax paging demo 2011-01-01

    Today, nothing better, write a page of ssh + ajax demo, there are many immature place, we make do and see. The framework of this demo is now very popular with ssh, the paging function using ajax technology. Framework Version: Struts: 2.0.14 Hibernate

  • ssh Integrated Introduction 2010-03-29

    ssh framework of ensemble learning is over, now summarized as follows: At first, when learning struts felt could not get. Because it has been into the brain one-third of the jsp + javabean or jsp + javabean + servert way of coding a little bit differ

  • SSH Getting Started Example 2008-10-13

    struts1.2.9 + spring2.0.6 + hibernate3.0.5 an example of integrated development A small example, take a look at struts1.2.9 + spring2.0.6 + hibernate3.0.5 is how to integrate the development of conduct javaweb OA a simple small systems, the following

  • SSH integration jBPM4.3 to note 2010-07-08

    SSH integration jBPM4.3 several issues you should pay attention to use jBPM4.3, first of all you have to understand at least 1.UML2.0 the activity diagram (since jBPM is the Activity Diagram Model) 2.Hibernate (jBPM integration for Hibernate as the e

  • FckEditor the configuration in the SSH 2010-07-25

    Yesterday afternoon spent time with FCK, I have a lot of FCK this example, but not used in SSH in. Configuration in the process of the main problems is the Struts filter will block the upload image function FCK. The solution is: <!-- Configure the st

  • / mysql / ssh / sftp stability of the old free space 2010-07-26, the world's largest open source hosting site, note that not one of the largest, is every programmer or IT staff necessary website. Classic classic stand Oh, seemingly to be audited, but has now opened the first registration can not s

  • SSH Generic DAO + Proxool + DisPlayTag + Jquery easyui 2010-11-12

    This Demo is a fusion of their time in learning the SSH integration, as the connection pool using the proxool, DAO DAO using the generic layer of the package, provide a generic DAO write their own a generic idea of DAO in the Demo layer encapsulates

  • How to open ssh service 2011-04-22

    Recent use in the project to the java call to the remote shell scripts downloaded from the Internet ssh2, to execute the method, appears the following error: Password authentication failed. at ch.ethz.ssh2.auth.AuthenticationMana

  • Framework of the project set up SSH 2011-05-13

    spring2.5 + hibernate3.0 + struts2.1 +(oracle9i) Simply basic information under the framework of the package com.isoftstone.ssh.po ; This package is a package all the hibernate mapping , SSH architecture because there I hibernate Management to the sp

  • weblogic SSH configuration version of the Nodemanager 2011-05-23

    weblogic SSH configuration version of the Nodemanager AS where the host is hereinafter referred to node1, the host for the remote management needs for short node2 Trust ======================= =================== SSH 1, with

  • A simple two disaster recovery between Linux Demo 2011-05-30

    A simple two disaster recovery between Linux Demo, content design to the principle of public and private keys ssh, rsync command usage. Of course, the premise is the use of these has both ssh and rsync installed. First configure ssh, rsync through ss

  • 基于SSH的企业Web应用开发框架 S2JH 2013-09-23

    S2JH 网站 : Introduction 集结最新主流时尚开源技术的面向企业级Web应用的基础开发框架,提供一个J2EE相关主流开源技术架构整合及一些企业应用基础通用功能和组件的设计实现的最佳实践和原型参考. 在线Demo演示: 以下两个站点代码和文档同步更新,请自由选择一个访问速度较快的站点即可: 同步镜像站点列表: 代码托管: https://g

  • 搭建SSH时的思考和遇到的几个问题的解决方法 2014-04-21

    SSH流行很久了,一直看到官方文档和网上都在讲如何整合SSH,讨论各种整合的优缺点.今天我比较闲,也用我的一些想法来试着整合这三个最流行的框架. 本次所用版本为:Struts 1.3.9 Spring 2.5 Hiberante 3.2 开发工具和环境为:Eclipse 3.3+MyEclipse 6.0+JBoss 4.2+Tomcat 用SSH时,我们的架构自然就会分成三层,即表现层,逻辑层和持久层,按照Martin Flower的指导思想,耦合越少越好,下层为上层提供服务,这也是Rod开发

  • 如何利用Ganymed SSH-2模拟SSH操作 2014-08-08

    这几天看SFTP资料时,无意中看到了Ganymed SSH-2,写了个简单demo,通过,感觉挺好用的,下面就和大家分享下.需要的朋友可以过来参考参考 官方地址: 简介:Ganymed SSH-2 for Java is a library which implements the SSH-2 protocol in pure Java (tested on J2SE 1.4.2 and 5.0). It

  • SSH框架的简单示例(执行流程) 2012-10-10

    本文转自一篇博文,感觉通俗易懂,适用于初学j2ee者,与大家一起分享 (一)struts框架部分 1.打开Myeclipse,创建一个web project,项目名称为TestSSH. 2.在web的lib下粘贴struts需要的六个jar包.(jar包在附件里) 3.在web下的web.xml中配置struts的filter. 代码如下: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <web-app versio