SQL2005 modified data is returned

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Today, my colleagues in the company that wrote the new features of SQL2005 article, I feel very practical, here and share with you. The original copyright does not belong to me.

This technique is mainly used in the inserted and deleted virtual table, which I believe we are familiar with two tables. We previously used mainly in the trigger.

Let's review the following two tables:

Inserted and Deleted the two tables are logical tables and two table is the system managed , and stored in memory, not stored in the database , and therefore, does not allow users to modify it directly.
The structure of these two tables and the table is the role of the trigger at the same table structure. This is a dynamic two tables reside in memory, when the trigger is completed, they are deleted.

Next, look at our case, in fact, very simple to use, but also very practical. His addition to using the above two tables, but also used the output parameter.

Create table:

IF EXISTS (SELECT * FROM sys.objects WHERE object_id = OBJECT_ID (N '[TestTB]') AND type in (N'U '))
Province [varchar] (50) NULL,
City [varchar] (50) NULL

1, insert the data, and return the inserted data:

INSERT INTO TestTB (Province, City)
output inserted.Province, inserted.City
VALUES ('Guangdong', 'Shenzhen')

Back to results:

SQL2005 modified data is returned

2 Similarly, deleting the data is the same, but nothing more is to use the deleted table.

delete from TestTB
output deleted .*

Back to results:

SQL2005 modified data is returned

3, the two combined together: Back before the update and updated data:

UPDATE TestTB SET Province = 'Hunan', City = 'Chenzhou'
OUTPUT 'I come from (before the update)' + DELETED.Province + DELETED.City as [Before], 'I'm from the (updated)' + Inserted.Province + Inserted.City as [After]

Back to results:

SQL2005 modified data is returned

4, the returned results can also be stored in the table variable, which in the delete data, and to delete the data inserted into the history table is very useful

DECLARE @ tempTable TABLE (
id int,
Province varchar (50),
City varchar (50)
DELETE FROM TestTB OUTPUT deleted .* INTO @ tempTable
WHERE id> 4

SELECT * FROM @ tempTable

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