SQL2000 installation fails solutions

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If you install the Internet to find information about the relevant sql server2000 help, most of the MSDE from the CD under the directory

Click setup.exe to install sql server2000, autorun.exe file from the CD to reinstall the server version. But in the Tomato Garden

windows xp sp2 version. In addition, XP is still a problem, such as 2000 or 2003 easily, sometimes too much trouble. On the relevant

Approach does not serve the purpose, it is estimated that many people will encounter such a situation. Click on autorun.exe, without prompting "can not install the server side,

Can only install the client, "but the same as 2000 or 2003 all the way down loaded, but to choose to install the database type, the emergence of

Is "a previous installation has been installed on the computer created pending file operation before running Setup must restart your computer

Machine "error, can not continue. How to do, do not install, and have to change version?

Open the Registry Editor, in

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Session Manager found

Project, and delete it. This will clear the pending installation of the project.

Quickly open your sql server2000 installation disk it, all the way straight, exciting scene occurred, sql server2000 installation

Success! (Steps I will not say).

If you have not deleted the registry works, please make the following:

First, start \ run \ type regedit and enter
+ CurrentControlSet
+ Control
+ Session Manager under FileRenameOperations deleted two, + HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
+ Microsoft
+ Windows
+ CurrentVersion
+ Setup
+ ExceptionComponents delete all the things, such as under:
{60204BB3-7078-4F70-8F69-68297621941C }......
In short there are a few, cut from a few, deleted after the restart, then install SQL Server, will not prompt a hang.
In the system registry and delete anything related to mssql on OK

On the problem encountered in the SA user login fails, there is no connection with the trust associated SQL SERVER can be used for the following:
Run, type regedit to open Registry Editor, locate the


LoginMode, by default, the value is 1, and now the value to 2, restart the computer.

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