sql conditional statement

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Transact-SQL language used in process control commands and a common programming language similar to the main there are several control commands.
4.6.1 IF ... ELSE
The syntax is as follows:
IF <conditional expression>
"Command-line or block>
[ELSE [conditional expression]
"Command-line or block>]
Where <conditional expression> may be a combination of various expressions, but the value of the expression must be a logical value "true" or "false." ELSE clause is optional, the easiest part of the IF statement is not ELSE clause. IF ... ELSE conditions used to determine when the establishment of an implementation of certain procedures, conditions are not established procedures for the implementation of another paragraph. If you do not use the blocks, IF or ELSE can only execute a command. IF ... ELSE can be nested.

Cases 4-9
Declare @ x int, @ y int, @ z int
select @ x = 1, @ y = 2, @ z = 3
if @ x> @ y
print'x> y '- print the string' x> y '
else IF @ y> @ z
print'y> z '
else print'z> y '
The results are
z> y
Note: In the Transact-SQL can be nested up to 32.
4.6.2 BEGIN ... END
The syntax is as follows:
"Command-line or block>
BEGIN ... END block is used to set up a program will BEGIN ... END all the procedures within the unit as a regular implementation of BEGIN ... END statement in the conditions, such as IF ... ELSE use. In the BEGIN ... END can be nested in other BEGIN ... END block to define another.
4.6.3 CASE
There are two statements CASE command format:
CASE <expression>
WHEN <expression> THEN <expression>
WHEN <expression> THEN <expression>
[ELSE <expression>]
WHEN <conditional expression> THEN <expression>
WHEN <conditional expression> THEN <expression>
[ELSE <expression>]
CASE command can be nested to SQL command.
Cases 4-10: Adjusting wages, working-level "1" and up 8% of working-level "2" and up 7% of working-level "3" and up 6%, other 5% rise.
use pangu
update employee
set e_wage =
when job_level = '1 'then e_wage * 1.08
when job_level = '2 'then e_wage * 1.07
when job_level = '3 'then e_wage * 1.06
else e_wage * 1.05
Note: The implementation of the CASE clause, only to run the first matching sub-name.
The syntax is as follows:
WHILE <conditional expression>
"Command-line or block>
[Command line or block]
WHILE command will set the conditions for setting up repeat the command line or block. CONTINUE command command after the program to skip the CONTINUE statement, WHILE loop back to the first line of command. BREAK command will let the program completely out of circulation, end WHILE command execution. WHILE statements can be nested.
Cases 4-11:
declare @ x int @ y int @ c int
Cases 4-11:
declare @ x int, @ y int, @ c int
select @ x = 1, @ y = 1
while @ x <3
print @ x - prints the value of the variable x
while @ y <3
select @ c = 100 * @ x + @ y
print @ c - prints the value of the variable c
select @ y = @ y + 1
select @ x = @ x + 1
select @ y = 1
Run the following results

The syntax is as follows:
WAITFOR (DELAY <'time'> | TIME <'time'>
WAITFOR command is used to temporarily stop the program execution, wait until the set time has elapsed or the set time has come for it to continue down the execution. Which 'time' must DATETIME types of data, such as: '11: 15:27 '
But not including the date of the keyword meanings are as follows:
· DELAY is used to set the waiting time of up to 24 hours;
· TIME used to set the end of time waiting;
· ERROREXIT until the process is interrupted abnormally;
· PROCESSEXIT until interrupt handling normal and abnormal;
· MIRROREXIT until the mirror device failure.
Patients waiting 4-12 1 hour 2 minutes 3 seconds after the implementation of the SELECT statement
waitfor delay '01: 02:03 '
select * from employee
Cases 4-13: 8 until 23:00 pm after the implementation of the SELECT statement
waitfor time '23: 08:00 '
select * from employee
4.6.6 GOTO
Syntax is as follows:
GOTO identifier
GOTO command is used to change the procedures for the implementation of the process, make the program jump to the specified identifier marked line and then continue down the implementation process. Identifier as a jump target for the combination of numbers and characters, but must ":" at the end, such as '12: 'or' a_1: '. In the GOTO command line, after the identifier do not like ":."
Patients with 4-14 branches print characters '1 ', '2', '3 ', '4', '5 '
declare @ x int
select @ x = 1
print @ x
select @ x = @ x + 1
while @ x <6
goto label_1
4.6.7 RETURN
RETURN [integer]
RETURN command to end the current execution of the program, calling it a return to the program or other programs. Within the brackets to specify a return value.
Cases 4-15
declare @ x int @ y int
select @ x = 1 @ y = 2
if x> y
return 1
return 2
If the return value is not specified, SQL Server system will process the results of the implementation of a pre-determined return value, as shown in Table 4-5.

If you run the process led to multiple errors, SQL Server system will return the largest absolute value; If the user then defines the return value, Zeyi return user-defined value. RETURN statement can not return NULL values.

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