Spring2.5.Struts2.Ibatis development framework to build (a)

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First, download the framework

1.1 Struts2 Framework

Struts2 framework developed in WebWork, now donated to the Apache open-source organization, the latest version of Apache Struts2 framework of the official site from the Struts2 in the project to obtain, Struts2 framework of the project home page address is: http://struts.apache.org/ , download page address is: http://struts.apache.org/download.cgi

Open after Download the latest release of their choice to the beginner, then download the Full Distribution version, for example http://struts.apache.org/download.cgi # struts2014 the struts-2.0.14-full.zip.

In order to struts2 json format to support the return of the data, but also need to download the json plugin, download address

http://code.google.com/p/jsonplugin/, download the file to jsonplugin-0.31.jar file.

1.2 Spring2.5 framework

Spring Framework's official Web site address: http://www.springframework.org/, the download page is: http://www.springsource.org/download, open the download page later choose Get the latest Spring releases here in the distribution package to download, pay attention to Spring framework contained in the official website there are many, including process handling, security, Web services, a variety of frameworks, we need to download the framework is a version of Spring FrameWork, not the other of those frameworks.

1.3 Ibatis framework

iBATIS framework of the home page is http://ibatis.apache.org/, in the open web interface, select

Selected in the left Get software for java connection, open the interface option to download connection.

1.4 Other (Database buffer pool frame, etc.)

If you need to use the words of Ms Sql Server database, but also join in the project jtds the JDBC driver Download http://jtds.sourceforge.net/, find a download connection, follow the prompt to download. Download the DBCP framework of the database buffer pool, download address http://commons.apache.org/dbcp/, you can download the latest version, because apache DBCP framework is open source software framework of the many organizations as part of the work, then let DBCP , but also common-pool framework, apache itself to the official website.

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