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Spring in the small example, when the company brought nothing of use ... the forgotten years of growth

  • Spring in the sample 2010-07-20

    Spring in the small example, when the company brought nothing of use ... the forgotten years of growth

  • Spring Mail Usage Sample 2010-03-29

    Rely on the library, wrote spring-2.5.4.jar mail-1.4.jar log4j-1.2.12.jar commons-logging-1.0.4.jar activation-1.1.jar Code package mail; import org.springframework.mail.SimpleMailMessage; import org.springframework.mail.javamail.JavaMailSenderImpl;

  • Spring Velocity Email 2009-07-01

    send email with velocity and spring a complete sample 1. Package e-mail messages categories: package com.chenlb.mail; import java.util.Map; import javax.mail.MessagingException; import javax.mail.internet.MimeMessage; import org.apache.commons.loggin

  • spring abstract framework Services 2010-01-24

    Spring provides a consistent abstraction for transaction management. This abstraction is the abstraction of Spring, one of the most important, it has the following advantages: API for different services to provide a consistent programming model, such

  • Use Spring 2.5 annotation driven Spring MVC-based 2010-05-10

    http://www.uml.org.cn/j2ee/200907163.asp # N10059 This article includes: Outline A simple annotation-based Controller Listing 3. Annomvc-servlet.xml URL to a Controller handle multiple requests Listing 3. Each corresponding to a URL request handling

  • Spring 2.5 annotation based Spring MVC 2010-05-30

    A simple annotation-based Controller Low version of the Spring MVC to use the readers to know: When you create a Controller, we need to directly or indirectly, to achieve org.springframework.web.servlet.mvc.Controller interfaces. In general, we are t

  • (Reprinted little assembly) Spring Framework Introduction 2 - When Spring Hibernate event 2010-06-01

    http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/cn/java/wa-spring2/index.html Naveen Balani continues his Spring series, introduced the Hibernate transaction with Spring aspect-oriented programming (AOP) integration of knowledge. The result is a persistence framew

  • [Reprinted] Spring 2.5 annotation-driven Spring MVC-based 2010-06-05

    Following an overview of Spring MVC Spring 2.0 On major upgrade, Spring 2.5 has introduced for the Spring MVC annotation-driven features. Now you do not need to Controller inherit any interface, no configuration file is defined in the XML request and

  • Spring2.5MVC Framework 2009-08-25

    A simple annotation-based Controller The use of low version of the Spring MVC readers know: When you create a Controller, we need to directly or indirectly, to achieve org.springframework.web.servlet.mvc.Controller interface. Under normal circumstanc

  • Crossing borders: Closures 2010-07-19

    Crossing borders: Closures developerWorks Document layout option will set the printer to print landscape mode Print this page as an e-mail this page Send as e-mail this page Sample code Level: Intermediate Bruce Tate (bruce.tate @ j2life.com), CTO, W

  • ruby closure (change) 2010-07-20

    Transfer: On the closure issue, Java lovers are now caught in a similar debate. Some people think that the closure brought to the programming language and not worth the additional complexity. Their argument is: In order to bring a little closure to f

  • Domain driven design and development of real 2010-09-29

    http://www.infoq.com/cn/articles/ddd-in-practice Background Domain Driven Design (DDD) is central to the concept of how the business is mapped to software artifacts. Most books on the subject and articles to Eric Evans book "Domain Driven Design"

  • SpringMVC_使用 2011-09-15

    [email protected] 用法 SpringMVC中,@RequestMapping用来处理请求,比如XXX.do @RequestMapping( " /aaa " ) // 类级别,可以不需要,如果要了,下面所有的请求路径前都需要加入/aaa public class ccccontroller{ @RequestMapping( " /bbb " ) // 方法级别,必须有,决定这个方法处理哪个请求,如果有类级别 /aaa/bbb public St

  • Cloud On-Boarding - The True Story 2013-04-24

    Posted By: Dotan Horovits on June 3, 2012 人人都想使用云.组织已经内化了该想法,并有计划在不久的将来,将他们的应用迁移到云中. 通过 Cisco最近的全球云调查: 当前,仅有5%的IT决策人能够将他们全部应用的一半迁移到云中.到2012年底,这一数字预计将显著上升 ,将有五分之一(20%)总应用程序超过一半的部署到云. 但是,调查还揭示了应用程序加载到云的事实,下如David Linthicum在上述思科调查博客总结说的,"比想像的更困难,花费的时间更多

  • Srping guide --xiaxin[读书笔记] 2014-03-03

    Spring Guide -xiaxin Spring 初探 准备工作 构建Spring基础代码 1. Action接口: Action 接口定义了一个execute 方法,在我们示例中,不同的Action 实现提供了各自的 execute方法,以完成目标逻辑. public interface Action { public String execute(String str); } 2. Action接口的两个实现UpperAction.LowerAction public class Up

  • Based on Spring's Hibernate Search full-text search function of sample 2009-02-27

    Database: Oracle 9i JDBC Driver: OJDBC14 Development Environment: Eclipse-JEE Spring version: Spring 2.0.6 Hibernate version: Hibernate Core 3.2.5/Hibernate Annotation 3.3.0/Hibernate Validator 3.0.0/Hibernate Search 3.0.0 Beta4 / / jdbc.properties (

  • Myeclipse integration using struts, hibernate, spring, a sample program 2009-05-17

    This article is taken from: http://kenter1643.javaeye.com/blog/109874 Enterprise applications in java, ejb ejb powerful configuration with the complex and difficult to learn as well known. But in the past, what we do? Only the unpleasant task to lear

  • SPring IOC collections into the sample 2010-04-20

    collection class into the package; public class Some ( private String name; public String getName () ( return name; ) public void setName (String name) ( this.name = name; ) public String toString () ( return name; ) ) collection class into the packa

  • spring sample petclinic 3.0 maven svn path 2010-03-29

    https: / / src.springframework.org / svn / spring-samples / petclinic / trunk /

  • spring MVC sample code fragment 2010-09-08

    package com.asiainfo.vdsp.cms.web.controller; import java.io.IOException; import java.util.List; import javax.servlet.ServletException; import javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest; import javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse; import org.springfram