Splash screen problem

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Today get the splash screen, the flash of time in return to build the splash screen press the stop, but the time to load the main program will be, I do not want to load the main program, press the back key I want to end the program:

private static final int SPLASH_DISPLAY_TIME = 3000;
Handler ur = new Handler ();
Runnable yourRunnable = new Runnable () (
public void run () (
mainIntent = new Intent (SplashScreen.this, MyApp.class);
SplashScreen.this.startActivity (mainIntent);
SplashScreen.this.finish ();
overridePendingTransition (R.anim.fadein,
ur.postDelayed (yourRunnable, SPLASH_DISPLAY_TIME);

onDestroy call

ur.removeCallbacks (yourRunnable);

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