Some eat breakfast should be better, and what life skills

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【Some eat breakfast should be better】 too early for breakfast once, is bound to interfere with gastrointestinal rest to the digestive system a long fight in the state of fatigue, upset stomach motility rhythm. They are able to get up at 7:00 after about 20 to 30 minutes to eat breakfast the best. In addition, the interval between breakfast and lunch to about 4-5 hours is better, also shows that breakfast between 7 to 8 eat for good.

A hair dryer blowing against labels, such as blowing hot glue labels, you can easily tear off the label after 2 cup of tea, cups of tea to leave unsightly stains, wash with toothpaste, tea stains, very clean 3 just When a mosquito bites painted finished soap will not itch, and I have done 4 trips with clothes could fold if the fear of pressure garments rolled in each volume.

5 Pork, when immersed in water with baking soda to the meat first 10 minutes, to out of water, then flavored fried out will be very tender and smooth.

6, no matter where in the shoe to your foot wear, you wear the shoe where the foot a little bit of white coating, to ensure there will not stain on the ground seven bags or dirty, it can wipe with a cotton dipped in essential balm 8 teeth yellow, can be chewed peanuts in her mouth and then use it to brush your teeth to 3 minutes is very effective ~ ~

9, after washing the face, stick a finger lightly on both sides of these Xiyan friction in the nose, and then rinse thoroughly with water, blackhead will be cleaned, the pores have become smaller.

10 eyes into small dust, shut our eyes and cough forcefully several times, the dust will be his eyes out.

11 hiccups a drink vinegar when not playing, and I are so immediate, when 12 feet up in the tub a few pieces XXXXXXZ (sulfamethoxazole) bubble more than 10 minutes, 3 days to ensure everyone is like 13 eating smelly things, garlic, tofu, peanuts like to eat How many pieces of 14 still eat something spicy, spicy feel to be dead, to the mouth salt, containing about, spit it out, dense vegetation about I,

15 treatment of cough (especially dry cough) of soil: In the evening before bed, pure sesame Hong fried eggs, oil up slightly more, have not put any seasoning, hot eaten on the bed, ate a few days clearly results !

16 MM thick wrist length with a smaller bracelet how to do, not hard band, going to have coincidence. Actually very simple, it is set in a plastic bag in the handle are usually not easy to go with wearing the bracelet, very good wear, it will not handle gonna hurt, taken is the same way when 17 was always in the bag inside out with a small battery, if your skirt with a static, then the positive terminal of the battery clean with a few in the skirt above the static electricity can be removed for 18 mouth ulcers, use of vitamin C on the attached ulcer, so it dissolves, ulcer basic enough.

19 If the throat, inflammation of the gums, and at 10 o'clock, the watermelon into small pieces, stained with salt to eat, remember that it must be a 10 o'clock sharp, then it will alleviate the symptoms, the next day like, this is a letter Buddha's aunt told me, really very spiritual! ! !

20 chestnut peeling skin is difficult. After pulling off the shell should be put into the microwave chestnuts turn about, come up with a twist after the hot, skin on, 21 off the table, a bottle of adhesive surface traces can be erased with the wind spirits!

22 well, they should not use shampoo `lost time` wash sweaters to go, then the ball can not afford to `` `Comparison

23 to the tomato skin, can tomatoes with a fork or chopsticks Chazhu the lower part of a small gas fire with a little roasted, the skin will automatically crack.

24 Just a small jewelry box put a length of chalk, you can make jewelry to maintain its luster, when 25 flowers, a drop of detergent in the water, you can maintain for several days!

Eye drops slightly when 26 hyperextension points mouth, so that chaos will not blink an eye.

27 walnut into the pot and steam for 10 minutes out into the cool water, then broke down the walnut can remove the complete 1, 6 Using toothpaste: if a small area of skin injury or burn, burn, cast a little toothpaste, can be immediately stop the bleeding pain and also prevent infection, quite good effect.

2, Qiao greasy than 3 screens: can be detergent, cigarette smoking with the rest on the water, until dissolved, bring clean windows, screens, effects are good.

3, the shrimp into the bowl, add a little salt, edible alkali powder, rub with a grasping after a while soaked with water, then rinse clean, so make Stir in shrimp and transparent as crystal, cool and delicious tender
4, and dumplings, noodles tips 1: 1 kg flour mixed with six egg whites, so that the protein surface in increasing the pot dumplings protein soon after the solidification shrinkage, dumplings, fast pot of water after the close, easy adhesion 5 , the remnant of tea a few days immersed in water, poured on plant roots, can promote plant growth; the residue dried tea, put the toilet or drain in burning smoke, eliminate odor, get rid of mosquitoes with the function.

6, cooked rice re-heating method: If it is half-cooked rice, chopsticks in the rice inside the bar can be more direct bottom of the hole and sprinkle a little rice wine heavy stew, if only the surface of half-cooked, as long as the surface of stew and then you can turn to the middle.

7, cooking vegetables if you have to be Billy, Billy dishes make the best use of water is best. Such as making dumplings in the dish, Cheuk good amount of water can put meat in, this would save the nutrition, but also to make delicious soup dumplings stuffed 8, fried egg trick: the eggs into a bowl, add a little warm water Stir into the pan in speculation, and manipulation of few drops of wine to the pot when such Stir the eggs fluffy, fresh, delicious.

9, how to use the casserole 1: a new casserole bought the first use, it is best used for porridge, or use it to cook a boiled concentrated Taomi Shui, to plug the casserole in the micro-pores to prevent water seepage _

10 Using "Shi Sanxiang": When stew with dried tangerine peel, fragrant; eat beef and mutton plus Angelica, divisible by fresh smell of mutton; home-made sausage with cinnamon and delicious; bacon and smoked chicken with cloves of food for thought.

11, and dumplings, noodles tips 2: surface and slightly hard to point, and good on the bowl after the reclosable seal, táng 10-15 minutes, and other surface water swelling in gliadin, gluten and then fully formed dumplings 12, Coriander is an umbrella categories of flower plants, rich in essential oils, aroma, essential oils, but highly volatile, and can not withstand the prolonged heat, coriander is best to eat before the accession, in order to retain their aroma .

13, when the high temperature washing or drying process, the door can not touch the glass, so as not to burn. When drying clothes out to be very careful on the metal parts of the clothing, such as zippers, buttons, etc., so as not to burn.

14, if the collar and cuffs, dirty, you can put clothes before washing powder dissolved in warm water soak for 15-20 minutes, then normal washing can clean.

15, how to use the casserole 2: casserole soup, stew, the first in water distribution to the casserole, then put the fire casserole, first with slow fire, then stir.

16, cooking vegetables, add a little Lingfen amyloid so thick soup becomes thick, not only out of the vegetables can cook delicious, and because of starch with glutathione, a protective effect on vitamins.

17, rice if burnt, and quickly turn off the fire, a loaf of bread in the rice paper on top, cover with lid, 5 minutes later, the crust can absorb the flavor paste.

18, detergent dosage: If the clothes do not wash when dirty or too much foam, will have to reduce the amount of detergent. Avoid excessive use of detergents, not only save money and protect the environment, can make washing machines more durable.

19, boiled dumplings to add enough water until the water boiled with 2% salt, then dissolved under the dumplings, and to increase the resilience of gluten, dumpling skin is not sticky, sticky end, the color will be white dumpling, Tang Qing Hong dumplings.

20, many people like to eat vegetables and not fond of soup, in fact, cooking, most vitamins are dissolved in the soup inside. Fried cabbage good example, there would be 70% in vitamin C dissolved in the soup.

21, White socks if yellow, and can be soaked in detergent solution for 30 minutes before washing.

22, how to use the casserole 3: Under the top of casserole from the fire, be sure to put dry wood or straw, cut not on the tile or concrete floor.

23, when the burning meat dish, a drink in Canada, together with point of vinegar, food will become fragrant. Roast vegetables like bean sprouts, the appropriate add some vinegar, delicious nutrition good, because vinegar has a protective effect of vitamin 24, bread and clothes to remove traces of oil: meals, clothing, dyed if traces of oil can be used fresh white bread gentle friction, traces of oil can be removed.

25, with the residual tea scrub wood, bamboo furniture, make it more smooth. The residue dried tea, Spreading in damp spots, can go tide; residue dried tea leaves, can also act as a pillow into pillow is very soft.

26, dumplings cooked after the first use of the dumplings until golden strainer, rinse immediately immersed into warm water about, and then plate filling, dumplings will not have to stick together.

27 tips for fried shrimp: fried shrimp before the shrimp can be first in boiling water with cinnamon red hot soak it, then fry, stir fried shrimp that taste even more delicious.

28, are fried vegetables are eaten as possible, avoid prolonged and repeated heating insulation. In addition, in order to Caigeng easily cooked in fried foods, add some water and stewed.

29, bread can remove carpet stains: a small piece of carpet at home, if dirty, can wipe the hot crumbs, and then hung in the shade, 24 hours later, the stain can be addition to the net.

30, men shaving, the use toothpaste instead of soap, toothpaste does not contain as free base, not only to skin stimulation, and foam, smell and give people a sense of cool freshness.

31, the magical effect of the wind spirits (1): the fan of leaves and sprinkle a few drops of essential balm, with the blades stop rotating, allow themselves in an aroma, but also driving the effectiveness of mosquito.

32, paint brush before wiping his hands level in cream, butter, after the paint brush over piles of paint applied to the skin, with a dry cloth, then washing soap, will be able to attach to the skin and remove the paint .

33, tofu usually has an brine flavor. Tofu hack before, if the first immersed in boiling water 10 minutes, will remove the brine flavor, this will not only make tofu taste good, but taste sweet.

34, boiled eggs, the eggs into cold water can be first immersed in a while, then put in boiling hot water, so the shell does not break the cooked eggs, peeled and easy.

35, watches by magnetic, will affect the accurate time. Elimination method is as simple as finding a magnetic iron rings were not, the table on the ring, slowly wear to wear to a few minutes later, watches demagnetization will recover 36, Partial cold tofu, usually those who are cold stomach such as after eating tofu chest tightness, nausea and other phenomena, we should not eat; easy to diarrhea, abdominal distension spleen were also more than not eating tofu 37, toothpaste also has cleansing functions! Bath rub with toothpaste instead of bath soap body cleanser, cleansing function of both obvious, but also whole body to cool after the bath, but also the role of prevention of prickly heat 38, with a microwave oven cooking, first use the spices to soak raw materials . This is because the microwave cooking process faster, if infiltration through hard tasty, and the onions, ginger, garlic, etc. by Hong difficult to play the role of 39, grape juice good effects of antihypertensive drug delivery service! Grape juice instead of plain water with a blood pressure medicine, can make blood pressure drop was stable, and also that blood pressure fluctuated phenomenon.

40, cooking should not use raw water. Because tap water contains chlorine, in the cooking process, it will destroy the food in vitamins B1, if cooking with water, vitamin B1 may be at risk.

41, block crack tip: buy a new block after block and around the top and bottom painted oil until the oil dry and then painted, painted 34 times, oil dry can be used, so that will be durable cutting board resistance 42, the magical effect of the Essential Balm (2), adding a few drops in the water the wind spirits, there will be whole body cool and refreshed after bath feel, control prickly heat, mosquito bites, eliminate the odor effect.

43, fried bread films, first dipped in cold water about bread slice, then wok fried so crisp brown fried bread pieces, both good food and fuel.

44, cooking, or soup, if so salty, and can get a clean cut in half the potato into the soup cook a few minutes, so that Tom will be able to lighten up by the salt.

45, relieve eye fatigue tips: water soaked millet grass, or the mother of medicinal Chrysanthemum, and then soaked towels, spreads in the eye 10 to 15 minutes, which can effectively relieve eye fatigue.

46, the hot summer weather, the body easily long prickly heat, can warm water to wash the site of a long a miliaria, rubbed a layer of toothpaste, prickly heat can soon disappear.

47, indoor flush toilets even have to re clean, they often leave behind a bad odor, if placed in the toilet of a small cup of vinegar, the smell will disappear. Valid for six or seven days, can be changed once a week.

48, if the meter to do with Chen rice, after scouring through meters can add water to the rice while adding 1 / 4 or 1 / 5, beer, and so sweet steamed rice, and shiny, the same as the new rice.

49, boiled dumplings, dumpling wrappers and filling of water-soluble nutrients except for a small part of the loss of heat, most are dissolved in the soup, so to eat the soup dumplings are the best drink.

50, heat blisters on his hands to cure migraine. Hands immersed in hot water, the water to soak the wrist is appropriate, and continue to heat the water to maintain water temperature. Half an hour later, pain can be reduced or even completely disappeared in 51, Jishi fresh lily! Because fresh lily containing colchicine toxic substances, consumption will lead to nausea, diarrhea. Of the processed dry day lily has colchicine dissolution, food is not toxic.

52, the magical effect of the Essential Balm (3): In light of sprinkling a few drops of essential balm mosquito coils, mosquito coils emit smoke will not choke, and fragrant, insect repellent effect will be better.

53, put a few pieces in the washing water, lemon peel and orange peel, or drop a few drops of vinegar, can eliminate the odor on dishes and other tableware. It also can soften hard water, while increasing gloss porcelain.

54, a small area of skin abrasions may lead to local swelling, the wound can then put some toothpaste, not only has the pain, stop bleeding, reduce swelling of the efficacy, as well as the role of preventing wound suppuration.

55, BBQ scorch Tips: BBQ, they can put in the oven for a vessel filled with water because the water in the containers with the oven temperature can be elevated into a vapor to prevent the BBQ char, rather.

56, Qiao wash hairtail: cutlass body odor and greasy larger hard washed with water, soda can be placed in the octopus first soak, and then washed with clean water, will easily clean and no smell .

57 feet mustard Hot water can lower blood pressure. 80 grams of mustard on the side Footbath, the additional half-basin of water, mix well and boil with fire, after cooler feet. 1 day, sooner or later, 1 day can decrease blood pressure.

58, Put vinegar when boiling ribs, spare ribs can in calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals dissolved out, which will help absorb the higher nutritional value. In addition, the vinegar can also prevent the destruction of vitamins in food.

59, skillfully peel garlic skin: the garlic with a soak in warm water for 3-5 minutes until golden, hands a rub, garlic skin can fall off. For a lot of time peeling garlic, garlic can be shared on file-board, a knife can gently pat skin off garlic.

60, mosquito coils regularly quenching method: using a metal clip, when caught in the coils with the length required, when a metal trap mosquito coils burn the place folder, they will put out will not affect the sleep, but also save the Mosquito 61, bread should not be stored together with biscuits. Surface contains more water, biscuits generally are dry and brittle, two if kept together, would make bread hardens, cookies will crisp sense of loss due to damp 62, burnt sweet and sour steak and other dishes need to put vinegar When the time came alive again in the best vinegar in the pot soon, so can fully maintain the vinegar, if the premature release, vinegar will evaporate during the cooking process greatly reduced 63 Ershi vinegar, pear could be sun! Pears can eat it regularly to keep skin elasticity, wrinkles can not afford. Pears are rich in vitamin E, on exposure to sunlight play a protective role.

64, all kinds of hair dye at room temperature or hot weather, will lose some functionality or change the color. If stored in the refrigerator can maintain its original function long term, not degenerate 65, Thawing a frozen food: meat: suitable natural thaw at room temperature, the loss of nutrients in the water will thaw; poultry: should the water thawing, but not to the internal organs of the best natural thaw at room temperature.

66, TVs can not own ground, if the grounding line, once the power plug reversed when the machine will power the line of fire line and the mainland Ershi frame and other components connected to live, I would have a risk of electric shock.

67, exposing the adhesive tape, tape the Lotus: the wall of the tape or tape, if rigidly to expose, would damage the object, can be steam iron ironed, can easily thrown off the.

68, visible mold clearance technique shoes: shoes up for a long time mold, use a soft cloth dipped in alcohol with water (1:1) solution to wipe, and then placed in ventilated place to dry. Moldy bag on the handle 69 may also be the case, of style meat: the meat filling to be done into the freezer until completely frozen out after the fact, with a clean eraser meat dishes, it is easy to rub the meat into thin strips, then just a few knife cut on it.

70, fold ID recovery method: the ID card on the table, covered with one or two of paper, paper, iron with iron compartment (temperature is not easy too), iron to iron the other side good side again, you can make it flat as ever.

71, hair dryer treatment of frozen shoulder! Alignment with the hair dryer to an appropriate distance from the shoulder with a hot wind of patients about 10 minutes twice a day, three weeks can be more. If the patient first, and then blowing wine rubbed shoulders better results, 72, when cooked the meat, if you want to make Flavored tasty, the meat should be cooked slowly into cold water; If you want to make meat tasty, you should cook the meat on the hot water.

73, gem ring how to clean? Magnesium oxide and ammonia can swab the mixture, or toilet water, glycerine, wet, scrub stones and framework, and then polish with a cloth can be.

74, asparagus can lose weight! Asparagus can improve the body's basic metabolism, and promote the consumption of calories the body, and a strong dehydration, therefore, eat more fresh asparagus to become slim.

75, how to make candles do not "shed tears"? Birthday candles into the refrigerator before freezing freezing room 24 hours, and then inserted into the cake, no candles lit after the oil flow down and dirty cake.

76, susceptible to mosquito bites in the summer of turtle deaths, but if the turtle kept in the refrigerator's fruit box, we can avoid mosquito bites, but also extend the turtle's survival.

77, frozen food thawing method 2: Fish: should 5% of 40-50 degrees in the salt water thaw; egg: be packed in watertight metal container, the container immersed in water of 20 degrees rapidly thawed ~

78, tea and sugar, candy should not be stored together. Tea easily absorb moisture, and sugar, candy is more than just with water, these two types of items stored together, would make tea because of damp moldy or sour.

79, Do not wash in water and rub flour, noodles bags can be placed in water for 1-2 days in the bubble, to be fermented flour bags will automatically fall off from the surface, then rinse rinse, can be a clean as ever.

80, damp tea not so good! Summer damp tea is easy, if the moisture of the tea into the sun drying will stale. Saute pan over low heat moisture can disappear, and air-dried sealed, can maintain its original flavor 81, wearing jeans, a long time it will fade. New pair of jeans can be bought into the brine after 12 hours immersion, then rinse, wash again after 82 hours will not fade, loofah treatment of chronic laryngitis. With a loofah or sponge gourd vine Jiaozhi off, let the natural drop of juice out into the bowl, the pot boiling, add rock sugar moderate drinking, can be effective treatment of chronic laryngitis.

83, some people always take medicine pills break apart and eat smaller benefit that swallowing tablets. In fact, after the tablet break apart into sharp, but not conducive to swallow, but also easy to scratch the esophagus, so do not break apart and eat pills.

84, nail polish is not long off method: nail polish before the nails with cotton dipped in vinegar and wipe clean, such as vinegar, then dry nail polish, nail polish is not so easy to come off.

85, identify phone tips: Genuine mobile serial number, packaging number, up from the phone number out on the 3rd line. In the Detector, the network access permit and the lower right corner shows the words CMII.

86, skillfully cut preserved eggs: The knife egg, egg yolk will stick in the knife, the available thread will be preserved eggs cut, even they both stick egg yolk. Hot knife in hot water about a further cut can also be sliced pretty neat.

87, can not use tea boiled eggs! Because tea leaves contain alkaloids, in addition, there are a variety of acidic substances, these compounds combine with the iron in eggs, a stimulating effect on the stomach is not conducive to digestion and absorption of 88, washing fruits: eat before the first fruits soaked in salt water for 20-30 minutes, remove the fruit skin can be pesticides or parasites remaining egg, and salt water to kill certain bacteria have the role.

89, pressure cooker cooking heat of: a pressure cooker cooking time from the first outlet pressure limiting valve counting. Chicken 2 kg of water 1 1 000 Ke Jia, 18 minutes off bone; ribs 1 1 000 Ke Jia water 2 kg, 20 minutes off of bone 90, the selection of tea: watch evenness, the tea into the tea tray, the hand and rotate the tray to a certain number of circle, so that separate the different shapes of tea, tea, the more the middle level, indicating that the better evenness.

91, onion anti-aging. Onion connective tissue and joints of the body benefit. Onions not only provide many nutrients the body needs, but also contains selenium, therefore, eat more onions to prevent aging.

92, clever addition to home appliances dust gap: the gap in home appliance product possessing a lot of dust often, and not wipe with a cloth can be used to clear brush waste gap in the dust, very convenient.

93, jewelry collection and maintenance tips: gently, to avoid the collision and friction; avoid heat and acid, alkali solution, contact; regular checks to prevent the stones fall off; timely collection and cleaning to remove saved.

94, fish, milk stains exceptionally fragrant! To pack a good soak the fish into the milk, remove and wrap a layer of dry flour, re-entry in the hot frying pan, its taste is particularly Kami.

95, identification tips pearl: The pearl on the shadows, shining pearl is superior; pearl surface cleanliness and color determine the value of pearls; pearl, the more valuable the more round.

96, jujube skillfully peeled: the dried jujube with water immersion 3 hours, and then into the pot to boil, until thick jujube full bubble development when its picked up skinning, easily peeled off.

97, the selection of tea: look of tea elastic, tight and really good quality heavy, rough and loose, thin pieces of poor quality; see clarity, more tea in tea stems, petioles, poor quality tea seed and impurities .

98, fasting should not eat persimmons. If the fasting or eating a lot of raw peeled persimmons, and stomach when a relatively high free acid content, it will clump and form persimmon stone, causing a stomach ache and vomiting.

99, Qiao wash grease pan: frying pan with a long, hard pan on the accumulation of grease removed, if the fresh skins in the pot, add boiling for a while, it is easy to remove a grease stain

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