Software project development process with the idea

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Computer software, especially database software, has become the mainstream of contemporary computer applications. Thus software developers must have the right to develop the means to understand the main software development process, so that the hearts of the software projects have a clear understanding in order to achieve a multiplier effect. This article on the software development process in some ways, I combined some of the software development project to do some detail.

1 job ready before development

Software projects in general have a system in the development of the former mission book, the main provisions of software development goals, main tasks, functions, performance indicators and the development of personnel and funding, and progress arrangements, as a system design and development and testing of fundamental basis.

System Missions book the basic framework is as follows:


Including the preparation of the purpose, background, reference materials.

(2) the system's objectives and mission

Including system-building goals, mission system, the system performance, system standardization requirements.

(3) the system structure and function

System applications, including the composition and structure, the system main functions.

(4) the scale and progress of system requirements

Including system size, the progress of system development, personnel plans.

But the mission system software projects this book is only a basic requirement, in view of specific circumstances, the demand for software developers and analysts will be a joint project of the software details of a specific analysis, if necessary, conduct field research, then write a system to discuss the needs analysis, preparation of needs analysis aims to:

a. help system in the military context, technology, economy and social conditions of the feasibility and necessity of implementation;

b. Analysis of the original system (working environment) the status quo, to be developed to describe the detailed system requirements, providing users and developers of communication between the foundation and provide the basic information of project design.

Needs analysis report of the basic framework is as follows:

(1) an overview of

Including the preparation of the purpose, background, references, terminology and abbreviations.

(2) a systematic analysis of existing

(3) to be developed for the detailed requirements

Including functional requirements, use the scope, business processes, user interface, output requirements, fault treatment.

(4) use of environmental

Including the network environment, hardware environment, software environment, the relationship with other systems, security and confidentiality.

(5) Feasibility Analysis

Including analysis of technical feasibility, economic feasibility analysis, staff feasibility analysis, the impact to be a major factor in the development of the system.

(6) concluding comments

2 Software Development Process

With the book and demand system mission analysis, software designers will be the implementation of software projects for system analysis, system analysis, including the system's overall program, the system design description, as a basis for software design. Specifically described below.

2.1 system, the overall program

Units in the system development and user interaction to fully understand on the basis of the proposed system's technical architecture, system features, performance and other key indicators to describe, the implementation methods and requirements for the provisions of the system are the basis for detailed design.

System, the basic framework of the overall program include:


Include: the preparation of the purpose, background, references, terminology and definitions.

(2) project overview


- Project of the main content

- System Requirements Analysis: ① ② user needs analysis investigate the status of existing systems analysis investigate.

- System functions: ① ② system functional requirements of system technical performance.

- System data requirements: ① ② basic data business data exchange data ③ ④ other data.

- System requirements: ① ② system requirements of the technical architecture and interface requirements into system operation ③ ④ system standardization of environmental requirements General requirements.

(3) to implement the master plan

Include: the progress, budget, questions and measures.

2.2 System Design Description

According to "system overall program" proposed system architecture, functionality, performance and data requirements, determine the system's physical structure to illustrate the main technical aspects of system design and technology used in the standardization of methods and system constraints and so on, are the fundamental basis for implementation of the system. I once had on the development of a software project, its basic framework:


Include: the preparation of purpose; background; the conditions and restrictions; references; terminology and definitions.

(2) system the overall technical program


- Overview: ① ② the basic requirements of the target system.

- System Design:

① System Structure

a, application of the structure.

b, functional structure.

c, the technical architecture.

② system design: Based on the above analysis, functional design of natural

Management functions including business design, functional design General inquiries, e-mail to send and receive functional design, database interface design, interface design electric text. In a comprehensive analysis of these features on the basis of the database table to begin the design. At the table of the design process, it is necessary to take into account the relational database field deal with redundancy, but also taking into account the system operating speed and ease of implementation, such as a combination of factors, I think at the actual development of these two after the ratio could be considered for 7:3.

③ system security design: can be taken the following safety design idea, such as data transmission system via e-mail implementation, request e-mail internal only passing on the code, non-Chuan secret data; system database operations take full advantage of Oracle Database required the affairs of the submission and rollback mechanism to ensure the business integrity and consistency of treatment; system data structures should make full use of storage space at different user data redundancy through the entire system enhance data security; system stored user passwords, backup password, database connection information and other important data, after the necessary security encryption.

④ Oracle database automatically optimize the design: For the Oracle database can be a database configuration, can greatly improve the speed of large amount of data query, I have done to try and have successfully applied.

⑤ friendly interface design: For a good system of course, required the use of well-designed interface.

2.3 Software Development

Choose the language for the development of people easily because of the development of database system I am more inclined to DELPHI, because its support for database development is very sound. In terms of software implementation, the above description, a client / server architecture, but the structure itself also contains a number of questions, such as client / server application system structure often put business logic in the preparation of the client application, so when the application system needs to change, all applications on the client system must be changed, which is the maintenance of MIS systems for the cost too high; in order to resolve these duplicate the cost of the development and application of systems and application systems in order to increase the reusability of object-oriented exert Analysis / Object-oriented design features, it is necessary to import so-called application servers, software developers in a specific form components, such as Microsoft's COM / DCOM, CORBA objects, or Enterprise Java Bean, etc., assembly enterprise the logic of program code. After this assembly, be able to perform specific business functions of the object will be referred to as "enterprise objects", then put these enterprises distributed object to this application server. Because of this article is not devoted to multi-system article, just so easy the way, will not repeat them.

Program design, attention should be paid reasonable procedures designed structures, can be common to all components together. Languages such as Delphi can create a new unit, all the preparation of a function on this unit, other units may be called, you can create a new data module (Datamodule), will control all of the public database on here, can reduce the system resources waste, and optimize the database design.

Procedures regarding the design of a lot of skills, will not repeat them here.

3 software development work

Software project in the development but also after the completion of system testing to test software developed by the functionality and performance, whether the request is scheduled.

Software Testing 3.1 Outline

This is the software used to design self-test system. Include:

(1) test environment hardware environment ① ② ③ Data Environment software environment ④ network environments.

(2) the content of functional test ② ① Analog Field Test Field Test application.

(3) The performance test content

Another Schedule: Schedule 1 system functional testing table; Schedule Two Table system performance testing.

3.2 User Application Test

By the user at the actual use of the process of testing, and give proof of application.

4, sum up

Software development project is a huge systematic project, more than just introduce a general software is database software development process and design idea, it requires software developers to have deep understanding of this familiar with the idea of software development.

A person usually difficult to complete all the work required a good co-operation to collaboration team completed one of the demand for analysts and system analysts to provide the specific requirements of software projects and design ideas, from software development group put these demands to create a easy to maintain and continued development of the system resources.

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