[Software] Express v3.7.0.1166 download and manually advertising methods

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The latest version of the Express Network can Quguan download: http://www.flashget.com/cn/ share manually to the main method of advertising, personal or official that the original is better software to advertising is best not to use some software in order to avoid possession back door. This is my search for the network to express the manual approach to advertising, because this trial for a long time before there are results, specially brought and the need to share.
ads in the Express win7 mainly in the C: \ Users \ user name \ AppData \ Roaming \ FlashGet \ v3 \ dat \ advertisement inside the folder on the network that you can delete this folder, and then create a blank document, named the advertisement , attribute to read-only, but I soon discovered when the operation is back in this folder, so I'll just delete the stat folder (of course, can also be directly removed advertisement folder), and then can not open a random file name To stat; so that you can remove the banner ads, but the bottom right corner of the ad can not be removed. Remove the lower right corner of ads to run as administrator "annex" in Notepad, open the C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc in the hosts file, added to the end in the hosts file: all.7pk.com, save to (if the direct use Notepad to open the hosts file may not save modified.)
The figure is the effect of manual removal of ads: for a friend in need reference:
[Software] Express v3.7.0.1166 download and manually advertising methods

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