Shenzhen SCM training classes Hou C language development work

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Hou MCU studio work, according to the actual situation of students, for classes and experiments, according to ability and knowledge of learners to grasp, adjust class schedule! Ensure the quality of learning! Emphasis capacity building!
Reservation Tel: 13570802732 QQ1364729157 Zhao workers embedded system and microcontroller for its stability, rapid response, low energy consumption, low cost, completely safe and widely used in industry. Talent market, which is the field of human resources development of one of the most scarce.
We as a lecturer, senior engineer with extensive development experience. They are based on current business needs, with their rich experiences, everyday hands-on with both hardware and software, you become a senior development talent. Make you a sought-after candidates for large international companies.
Training Course: SCM based training courses:
Basic parts:
1: master microcontroller pin function and the necessary external circuitry; understanding of memory types and working principle
2:51 I0 MCU parallel port; basic assembler; KEIL C51; can use the KEIL C51 IDE; able to prepare basic C51 assembler; understand and can operate in parallel I0 I;
3: various special registers: assembly instructions; clearly understand the internal structure and the microcontroller 51 ROM, RAM system; complete microcomputer control 51 assembly instruction set; familiar with common usage of special registers;
4: timer / counter; break; understanding interrupt, timer / counter and the skilled use of the principle;
5: Digital circuits, master, use of gates, combinational logic circuits, sequential logic circuits, pulse circuits, digital-analog conversion circuit works;
6: circuit design, circuit design complexity through case study
7: C51 microcontroller language, master the C51 data types, operators and expressions, and functions, through a case study process and control C51
8: Serial communication; C language programming - writing code and managing large, Serial interface, understanding the structure and working principle; familiar with the relevant Serial control register; familiar with the serial communication programming; familiar with the routine design ; can use quick mode of thinking management, write great code and complexity of the model, skilled use of C language programming
9: Watchdog, familiar with the WDR watchdog reset and watchdog timer WDT application scenarios; familiar with the software watchdog preparation; familiar with the principle of watchdog ASIC and application-driven parts:
An infrared remote control infrared receiver module by learning fast initial familiar with the external circuit design digital circuit design;
Understand the working principle of fast infrared mode; using C language operations infrared module;
2 LED display interface;
Keyboard interface;
External serial bus interface to understand the working principle of a variety of common peripherals and interface works; familiar with the procedures to access and manipulate commonly used peripherals
3 A / D and D / A conversion through case master A / D and D / A conversion process design
4 reset source design;
External expansion chip voltage detector;
Familiar with the various reset circuit design and working principle; familiar with the voltage detection chip
5 LCD touch screen interface using C language LCD touch screen control program
6 MCU Access temperature sensors, infrared sensors, the human body can access the external temperature sensor single chip design, the human body infrared sensor circuit;
Make a complete hardware;
Project combat (from 7 in the election of a backup project developed its own);
Through all these stages of learning so that students understand the project development process to control project hardware design, software design, algorithm, can be solely responsible for project development.

Note: For students lack basic knowledge, additional knowledge will be conducted, such as digital circuits, analog circuits, field bus, signal processing, automatic control, computer control, graphics software to ensure that students learn to study fine.

Mode: Studio provides tools for each set of experiments, and with a considerable number of computers and the development box, take small classes and supervised simultaneously way to help students fully explore their technological potential.

Hours arranged: 100 hours, about two months, so you thoroughly get to know the MCU development.
Fees: 2500 yuan / person (including books, tuition, and basic device costs).
Starting time: recruitment of participants, the recent commencement.

Training Features:
(A) the actual project brought students to accumulate experience in product development.
(B) the exclusive launch of the national needs based on individual basis and design of teaching programs, fully in line with student's own situation, strengthen the weak knowledge to explain, Network access, the maximum increase in ability of students, while saving hours of actual combat.
(C) of the full range of student exchange, the teacher and each student a "zero" distance touch hands-on guidance every step of learning.
(D) practice Keys project, the company engaged in research and development of electronic products, has many excellent projects that will be a senior engineer to lead the students from the entire development, so that every student is familiar with the product development process, accumulate a large number of valuable experience.
(E) of an advanced teaching system.

Suitable for:
Unemployed people in a society, need to look for work;
2 foreign workers and that one day the bottom into the engineer would like to trade people;
3 on electronic technology more attractive and people interested in career change;
4 should be graduates of previous lack of practice, electronic enthusiasts;
5 has been engaged in hardware development, software to learn people thinking and practice;
6 has been engaged in software development, hardware development want to learn / driver who prepared;
7 ways to learn driver programming engineers.
Studio Address: Shenzhen Nanshan District, Sea Road and Enterprise Road Interchange

Official Website:
Reservation Tel: 13570802732 QQ1364729157 Zhao workers

Also, according to the actual participants, we also set up the following courses to complete single chip technology development classes to master microcontroller architecture, and improving the level of programming, who reached a certain level of SCM development classes familiar with compiling C applications, there are some programming skills, did some practice , who want to further improve certain remedial classes SCM SCM project development capacity, those who encounter problems in the development of
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