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Determine whether a file exists

if [-e filename]

then echo 'file exists'


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    shell base # Find name # Find .. /-name wc * # Find modify file time # Find .. /-mtime -1-type f # Find mtime modify time atime access time ctime create time + is more than -1 +1 Is 1 hour less than the paper is 1 hour # Find. /-Name "[az] *" #

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    Author: Leal License: * Creative Commons agreement * GNU Free Documentation License Editors: FireHare, Dbzhang800 We can use either a text editor such as gedit, kedit, emacs, vi, etc. to write shell scripts, it must begin with the following line (mus

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    * Shell What is this? Any invention has for user interface. User interface for UNIX is the Shell (DOS's command are familiar with it, but more powerful UNIX-to). Shell provides the user input commands and command parameters may be the result of the e

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    As the project needs, the recent need to write some shell scripts, suffer no basis for a number of documents reproduced in the first study are: On the variables, also need to know a few Linux commands associated. env zone used to display the user env

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    Bourne Shell and shell programming copyright information Altmayer.bbs @ Article Source Yellow-billed Penguin Forum javalee reposted elsewhere rejected the document produced as genuine content of this statement, Dalian University of T

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    linux and unix shell programming guide Preface Introduction Part translator directory shell Chapter 1, file security and permissions 1 1.1 Paper 1 1.2 File Type 2 1.3 Permissions 2 1.4 change the permissions bit 4 1.4.1 Symbolic Mode 4 1.4.2 chmod co

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    Shell is a program with special features, which is between the user and the Linux operating system, an interface between the core. Shell is an important feature is that it itself is an interpreted programming language, shell programming language supp

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    [Notes] --------------------------------------- ------ Shell Programming --------------------------------- [1] variable i = 1 # no spaces on both sides of the equal sign, only one type of all variables - the character channeling echo $ i # reference

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    shell programming if statement was used to determine the parameters within -B When the file exists and is block returns true if the file -C when the file exists and returns true if the file is a character -D when the pathname is a directory exists an

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    Small number of shell programming knowledge (shell common sense part) Time :2006 -07-16 21:17:50 Source: Author: Reproduced: First, users log into the system after the system

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    About "#! / Bin / sh" understanding Following the first one for the reference The first study shell programming , See the article said that a shell must be "#!/bin/sh" Beginning, that is the case also had , Although it is known in the

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    shell programming real - Learn By Example 2010-11-16 Tuesday cold Has been used on the command line shell command, but did not write shell scripts, but today happens to the international station pulled all of the code to see local grep revised points

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    Typically, we enter the command from the command line every time you enter the system can be a response. Once we need to input a command and then a final time before they get results, this approach is clearly not efficient. To achieve this purpose, w