Several software testing free e-book

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Several software testing free e-book (to learn, thanks to share their blog)

1. "Test novice learning book" - This article is for software testing novice, from pre-test preparation, test requirements gathering, test case design, test execution, test result analysis suggested several ways and methods are given. In view of the domestic software development, testing is not standard, this paper provides the novice as software testing software testing a number of concerns.
[Keywords] software testing, test cases, test requirements, test result analysis

2. "Software test management frequently asked questions and answers" - the book contains 16 pieces of software test management of common problems, and 11 to make a detailed answer.

3. "Software testing [(U.S.) ron patton] study notes" - a very good book, which some of the definition is very authoritative, and if not wordy, talking about are the focus. Many people started to see what the recommended books when they are mentioned in the book.

4. "Testing some frequently asked questions" - the book covers the testing in software testing techniques on some frequently asked questions and detailed answers.

5. "Software test stopping criteria" - This document applies to projects using RUP software testing activities aimed for software unit testing, integration testing, system testing to provide stop criteria.

6. "Unit testing notes" - in layman's language in this document describes in detail the problems in unit testing, software testers to want to give inspiration.

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