Set in the span width firefox

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   display:-moz-inline-box; /*ff*/
   display:inline-block; /*ie*/
  • Set in the span width firefox 2010-11-02

    span{ display:-moz-inline-box; /*ff*/ display:inline-block; /*ie*/ width:100px; }

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    Summing up some of the CSS in the difference between FF and IE under! May be incomplete, the future will continue to add. FireFox: div to set margin-left, margin-right to auto already centered, IE not work FireFox: body set up text-align when, div ne

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    Summarize some of the CSS in FF and IE differences under! May be incomplete, will continue to add later. FireFox: div to set margin-left, margin-right to auto, has been centered, IE not work FireFox: body when setting text-align, div need to set the

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    In fact, had never come into contact with CSS-related content, are programmed to do business, never thought about the design of front page can be so complicated. The opening over the course of the project, as the rookie CSS CSS I have come into conta

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    1. Window.event * IE: a window.event object * FF: no window.event object. Parameters can be passed to the function event object. If onmousemove = doMouseMove (event) 2. Mouse current coordinates * IE: event.x and event.y. * FF: event.pageX and event.

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    In general, set the object's display = none / block you can control the object hide / show, but a lot of html elements in FireFox under the Block is not up to us with the required effect. For example, table element, to control td hiding and show that

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    1. The Object 1.1 Form object existing problems: Form the existing code which access the object by document.forms ("formName"), so use IE to accept, MF can not. Solution: Use as a subscript operation. To document.forms ["formName"] Not

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    今天把一些常用的CSS Hack整理了一下,包括常用的IE hack以及火狐.Chrome.Opera浏览器的Hack,并把这些CSS Hack综合的一起,写了一个小的浏览器测试器 现在的浏览器IE6-IE10.Firefox.Chrome.Opera.Safari...数量众多,可谓百家争鸣,对用户来说有了很多的可选择型,不过这可就苦了Web前端开发人员了. 今天把一些常用的CSS Hack整理了一下,包括常用的IE hack以及火狐.Chrome.Opera浏览器的Hack,并把这些CSS

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    年纪大了,有些东西得写下来!哈哈!!! 问题:在浏览器兼容中,有些个HTML标签的 width 属性设定会无效,例如A.Span标签. 解决:在相关标签的CSS中,配合 width 属性值加入 display:inline-block; 属性. 若页面显示仍超出了设置的宽度,那就再加个 overflow:hidden; 如:span 样式写法:span { width:100px; display:inline-block; overflow:hidden; } 另外,还有说法是去掉网页首部的如

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    最近由于工作需求,自己不得不亲手使用div+css去切页面,但速度和效率还蛮不错,不过今天突然遇到了一个小小的问题,那就是css样式定义div里面span的宽和高后,页面显示出来不是定义的宽和高,他是随文字的变换而变换,那怎么解决这个样式呢,笔者试了些方法,为大家总结下css定义span的方法: 首先页面中的div如下: <div class="con_right_title"><span>最新发布的信息</span></div> 然后使

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    1, for the browser selector The selectors need for a section in your browser css design will be very useful. IE6 and lower versions of * html () IE7 and earlier versions *: first-child + html () * html () Only for IE7 *: first-child + html () IE7 and

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    JS code var Calendar = function( instanceId, language, startYear, endYear ){ if( typeof instanceId == "string" ){ this.Date = new Date(); this.Year = this.Date.getFullYear(); this.Month = this.Date.getMonth(); this.Week = this.Date.getDay(); thi

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    一.IE6双倍边距的bug(比较有名,相信各位web前端开发们了解) 二.两个层之间的3px间隙 三.Box Model 盒模型bug的一般解决办法 四.给行内元素定义宽度,如果你给一个行内元素定义宽度,那么它只是在IE6下有效. 所有的HTML元素要么是行内元素要么就好是块元素. 行内元素包括: <span>, <a>, <strong> 和 <em>. 块元素包括<div>, <p>, <h1>, <form&g

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    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" ""> <html xmlns=""> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-

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    <script type="text/javascript"> function getAbsoluteLocation (element) ( if (! element) ( return null; ) var offsetTop = element.offsetTop; var offsetLeft = element.offsetLeft; var offsetWidth = element.offsetWidth; var offsetHeight = elem

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    Code 2 index.js / / The currently active workspace id var currWorkAreaId = 0; / / Maximum of the number of open work areas var MAX_WORKAREA_NUM = 5; / / Increase the work area function addWorkArea (sTitle, sURL) ( var tabs = document.getElementById (

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    Spent so many years of CSS, CSS now know the true matching principle, do not know whether you like me? Read a simple CSS: DIV # divBox p (color: red;), according to custom CSS we understand this is the first browser to find the id of the DIV

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    Upload file in the WEB, to use the upload box <input type="file"/> This stuff in IE (not even after the other test) is a very special object. If you manually write or other objects to trigger certain events through the fill in the value of

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    Note: Based on actual Ajax Automatically prompts: <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"> <html> <head> <title>Type Ahead</title> <%@ include file="/views/js/importjs.jsp" %> &

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    Micro-BLOG often, or like tudou, ku6 and other video sites, see "View Comments" button, point after the display list, is the AJAX effect, foreigners find an article, about the implementation: Summarized as f