Series - use of time

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Technical background of the project managers are often honest and friendly, smart and work hard, every day they are busy, working long hours than others. But the efforts and achievements are not proportional to it? Not necessarily. And some "selfish" people compared to those who work hard more likely to have time management problems, busy things that affect performance.

There are four stages of time management, notes, planning, priorities and division of labor.

For individuals, the most significant is the establishment of notes. Remember this one lesson, "they have to know what to do, do not fall into the take over." Then the task before, it is best to check your own schedule. In addition, sometimes friendly and the devil, temptation of the people said YES.

Effectiveness of time management is planning. Sufficient planning, continuity of time on important things is a sign of good planning. The time slicing block or still can, but the mill soup to keep Junior.

But things are always a lot, so the First Thing First is needed. At this time four-quadrant method is a good tool. So what is important? Far-reaching, is important. Yes, deep and far, including the space and time.

Good division of labor is to eliminate unnecessary waiting. Extending out of the authority, is further authorized person can make for his time management.

Finally, the need to constantly remind ourselves sentence. There are three things in life, their own thing, other people's things, God thing. Life's troubles come from, forget things, love other people's things, fear God thing.