... Second from the technology transfer operations.

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During this time engaged in a new station, try to get hold of comprehensive portal to see, in fact, seen a lot of areas, the real commercial operation of the local portal is really small, I know it, more famous, on the technology Long Lane, 19th Floor, Po net, perhaps, but I know D does know that, oh, there is a Western network, but this comparison is of course before the three big witch see nothing in, as far as I know they are slowly began to develop from a few people to more than 20 bar, I heard the development of good D. . Gossip this, saying that under their own views on the place and the development of an integrated portal. Personal feeling, the first to convenience, is the bus ah, social security, ah, ah illegal car, courier, ah, ah water, electricity, ah, the convenience function can experience it from the top of your site is the best, and then hang the middle much of the Baidu search, why, in order to set up your website home page people, this is very important, but the webmaster for the roots, it is more difficult. But to do next, or do better, to facilitate what others, a little bit of hope Ye Hao, always feel a little bit of your site useful ah. . Second, began to write numerous articles about the place, you can use this tool to search a large number of these long tail keywords, then write about every day, like a pseudo-original. . In fact, owners say is do the execution, every day, and then find a day to learn skills such as how to make the spider climb smooth D. . . How to speed up the search, the site describes how to write, how to articles list page optimization? And so on. . A lot of things, are the details of the problem. . URL how well optimized. . And so on, then slowly from optimization to think about, the difference in your site which fixed the crowd in what? This is the focus of a fixed population, money is definitely not a big problem.

Being here. . . Contempt under way west. . MD, for the record I do so resistant, not down

Two days before the garbage accidentally looked at his station. . . . Zhuhai travel up the second actually a primary key. . N resistance did not update, and now directly to the GF .. I recorded some news every day to forget. .

Owners should pay attention to personal feeling is a resource, rather than ability, the ability to negotiate resource there. . For example, the daily number of you every day and so on. .

Engage in technology really tired. . . . Or is the technology foundation that I did it. . Always felt to a certain extent do not want to go hi-tech, the workers the same.

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