Scouring process and equipment

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I. Purpose: cleaning fabric and to improve the finishing touch is a basic project, the quality of the finished product
1, wash away impurities and create good conditions for the dyeing
2, for storage, mildew and moth-eaten less alkaline
3, play a unique luster of wool, the fabric restoration of fatigue, stable shape, feel rich, soft green body of impurities: ① lanolin and wool oil ③ ② ④ pigment paste (tag) ⑤ ⑥ singeing ash residue acid pharmaceutical ⑦ Oil is the main target of the second crude oil co, principles of surface active agent, wetting, emulsification, dispersion, washing effect.
Third, it required washing
1, wash away the dirt, rinse residual soap (including soap rate of <1%)
2, to retain some lanolin (0.6%), feel moisture
3, does not undermine the style characteristics (thin: very cool sliding; in thickness: rich, soft, smooth waxy)
4, to ensure product specifications: width, single weight, shrinkage
5, not to hurt the fibre
4, scouring equipment
1, rope scouring machine: an intermittent processing, washing ability, who have been milling effect, apply thick or woolen worsted fabric, but prone to crease.
2, width scouring machine: it is better than a rope wash (just squeeze, no rubbing), the advantage is not easy to produce wrinkles, treat fabric uniform shrinkage, wash the fabric texture clear, but feel less rich, suitable for wrinkle-prone structure of thin fabric or loose rope easy to wash lines of woolen fabric damage.
3, continuous scouring machine: slack joint width scouring equipment, and hand washing results are good five scouring process
1, temperature: T high benefit lotion on it blank wetting, penetration, reduce impurities and fibre binding force, but woot injury, handle, luster, color blank fade, some infiltration of liquid oil within the fabric more difficult to In addition, ∴ the premise of ensuring clean, T low as well, such as washing it with soap, T slightly above the freezing point of 40 ~ 45 ℃.
2, time: effect on net wash, style, feel both the impact of worsted fabric requirements reflect the style of thick, long time and more: 45 ~ 90min; woolen products to decontamination mainly a short time 30 ~ 60min, pure chemical fiber only 30min.
3, lotion pH value: pH ↑, washing effect, (alkali saponification can inhibit soapy water solution, emulsion, soften hard water), but also wound fibre, generating base "burn" ∴ general use of Na2CO3,, ammonia transfer pH 9 ~ 10
4, detergent requirements: on the fibre damage, decontamination strength, feel, good gloss, resistance to hard water, not hydrolysis, from wide low-cost, commonly used as soap, synthetic detergent
5, lotions, bath ratio of the amount and concentration of> solution CMC, the highest wash, usually 0.2 to 0.3%.
Bath ratio should be able to immerse the fabric, and smooth operation is appropriate. Worsted: 6 ~ 10:1, 6:1 woolen 5
6, external and when scouring the pressure washing process can be enhanced washing effect (oscillations, squeezing, rubbing), so soft, rich, but too prone to wrinkle, then look unfamiliar hair, shiny feel bad, generally 550 ~ 650kg suitable, the wool can be bigger, viscose and other smaller. Strengthen the impact of water flow can increase washing efficiency, reduce wrinkles are generated, but high energy consumption.
If soap and wash it, water from small → large, T from high → low, washed 4 to 6 times.
6, scouring quality inspection
1, alkali content; 2, oil content; 3 injury; 4, wash rate; 5, whiteness; 6, handle 7, and other scouring method
[email protected]### Page ###@=================1, solvent scouring : dry cleaning, solvent extraction to remove oil, not to promote
2, scouring powder: the powder with strong absorption, together with the solvent effect on the fabric, also known as adsorption, only for the dry cleaning industry, strong detergency.
3, ultrasonic wash it: use of ultrasonic vibration, for the decontamination process, wash it only as a means of strengthening, not alone.

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