sap process bar shows

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Progress bar to load the file in some games in particular, are often used to load some large files

Slow loading process, when a reminder to the user otherwise has crashed or process problems that may be directly in the task manager to kill the process, a progress bar can give visual information is now running and running

sap in such a function also provided the following is an example of someone writing to do reference
REPORT zprogressbar.
PERFORM show_progressbar USING sy-index.
MESSAGE 'Finished!' (Fin) TYPE 'S'.
*&------------------------------------------------ ---------------------*
* & Form show_progressbar
*&------------------------------------------------ ---------------------*
* Text
*------------------------------------------------- ---------------------*
* -> PCT text
*------------------------------------------------- ---------------------*
FORM show_progressbar USING upct TYPE i.
DATA: fbar TYPE c LENGTH 13,
fmsg TYPE c LENGTH 70.
CONSTANTS: percent1 TYPE c VALUE '▏',
percent2 TYPE c VALUE '▎',
percent3 TYPE c VALUE '▍',
percent4 TYPE c VALUE '▌',
percent5 TYPE c VALUE '▋',
percent6 TYPE c VALUE '▊',
percent7 TYPE c VALUE '▉',
percent8 TYPE c VALUE '█'.
DATA: fmod TYPE n,
ftim TYPE i,
ffield TYPE c LENGTH 10,
fidx TYPE c LENGTH 3.
ftim = upct DIV 8.
fmod = upct MOD 8.
CLEAR: fbar.
DO ftim TIMES.
CONCATENATE fbar percent8 INTO fbar.
IF fmod NE 0.
CONCATENATE 'percent' fmod INTO ffield.
ASSIGN (ffield) TO <fs>.
CONCATENATE fbar <fs> INTO fbar.
fidx = sy-index.
CONCATENATE fbar fidx '%' INTO fmsg.
percentage = upct
text = fmsg.
ENDFORM. "Show_progressbar

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