Ruby on Rails deployment options

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Ruby on Rails deployment options

Ruby on Rails deployment options are basically the two-tier structure and composition, the distribution of requests to do the front, back-end to accept and deal with multiple Ruby processes the request, the main difference is one of the communication protocol, such as using FastCGI or HTTP . Discussed here limited to a server.

The Ruby code migration from development to test environment under actual production model. Compared to the development process, the application deployment is not easy. How to ensure the stability of the site after deployment and robustness, and can respond to large-scale concurrent access.

Deployed from the Web server and application server selection and with. Rails deployment of a common architecture, front-end server, plus ways to handle multiple processes, such as Fastcgi, Mongrel choice and mix of use with the Web server, discussed here for the Lighttpd + FastCGI, Nginx + Mongrel, Apache + FastCGI with different modes such as discussions.

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    Ruby on Rails deployment options Ruby on Rails deployment options are basically the two-tier structure and composition, the distribution of requests to do the front, back-end to accept and deal with multiple Ruby processes the request, the main diffe

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