rpm file to run the command

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rpm-ivh make-3.80-7.EL4.i386.rpm - force - nodeps

  • rpm file to run the command 2010-05-27

    rpm-ivh make-3.80-7.EL4.i386.rpm - force - nodeps

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    java how to call exe file Each application has a Java Runtime class instance, so that applications can be connected to their environment to run. GetRuntime method to get through the current run-time. Application can not create your own instance of th

  • linux file search to find command 2010-05-31

    1, grep Function Description grep command to find one or more files matching a specified pattern string. If the mode contains spaces must be enclosed in quotation marks. grep pattern can only be a string enclosed by quotation marks or a word, closely

  • windows shortcut keys and run the command Xiangjie PPS Network TV downloads and description 2010-05-31

    WINVER checks WINDOWS version DXDIAG check DIRECTX information MEM.EXE display memory usage SNDVOL32 volume control program SFC.EXE System File Checker GPEDIT.MSC Group Policy REGEDIT.EXE Registry MSCONFIG.EXE System Configuration Utility CMD.EXE CMD

  • Error: Commands out of sync; you can't run this command now 2010-10-06

    Q: im getting this bug .. and i still cant understand why this happening ..?? here is my php code <?php $query1 = "call new_user('$cardDigits','$cardNo','$amount','$traiff','','','','','$creator',@_lastname,'$customer','$firstName','$email','0','0

  • Java how to call the executable file and the batch command (turn) 2010-12-02

    This article comes from: http://www.javaeye.com/topic/149452 Is a kind of cross-platform Java language, we often need to meet certain procedures under the Java call windows. Some third-party vendors, such as (ANT), also provides a call to windows exe

  • java file to run linux 2010-12-10

    With a script written in Java jar files into the startup process after the package, can run in windows, in linux can be run directly, when the command in the file when unable to run. . . . dos2unix run.sh command to change my ok ls datafiles log prop

  • PHP get current file path run before, name, server path 2011-01-07

    <? Php var $ a = "test string"; echo 'values obtained through the global variable'. $ GLOBALS ['a']; echo '<br/>'; echo '<br/>'; echo 'The current implementation of the document's file name'. $ _SERVER ['PHP_SELF']; echo '<br/&

  • [Reproduced] in a Linux environment to run DOS command 2011-06-13

    Linux commands in a DOS command to run under Linux Linux system provides a set known as the mtools the portable tool that allows users to easily from the standard DOS floppy disk read and write files and directories. Their DOS and Linux environments

  • With the bat or sh file to run java program 2010-05-07

    Existing server.bat, server.sh, and the folder with the directory lib in the number of jar files Because often do not remember to write bat or sh file to run java program, this feature in order to check in here .... server.bat @echo off REM SET UP CL

  • I used Linux command of the source - in the current shell environment file in the specified command 2010-12-09

    I used Linux command of the source - in the current shell environment file in the specified command This link: http://codingstandards.iteye.com/blog/837935 (reproduced please indicate the source) Use Description source command is a bash built-in comm

  • linux chmod command parameters and Detailed description - file folder permissions set command 2011-04-01

    Original link http://www.linuxso.com/command/chmod.html Access: All users Usage: chmod [-cfvR] [- Help] [- Version] mode file ... Description: Linux / Unix file access is divided into three levels: the file owner, group, other. Chmod can be used to c

  • (Transfer) WIN7 run the command Daquan 2010-03-24

    Originally posted address: http://www.ylmf.net/read.php?tid=1414953 cleanmgr-open the Disk Cleanup tool compmgmt.msc-- Computer Management conf - start netmeeting charmap - Character Map Start calc - Start Calculator chkdsk.exe--Chkdsk disk check cmd

  • Start → Run (cmd) command Daquan 2010-05-28

    gpedit.msc----- Group Policy sndrec32 ------- recorder Nslookup ------- IP address detector explorer ------- Open the Explorer logoff ----- ---- cancellation of orders tsshutdn ------- 60 seconds step shutdown command lusrmgr.msc---- This machine use

  • Android APK file to run the computer method 2010-06-05

    apk is the release of Android systems engineering package, many times we want the computer to run it instead of Android phones. Provided below under the Android APK file on the computer to run method. Step One: Download and extract the android SDK to

  • Start → Run (cmd) command Daquan (absolute classic) (change) 2010-06-21

    CMD run command Start → Run → CMD → type the following command: gpedit.msc----- Group Policy sndrec32 ------- recorder Nslookup ------- IP address detector explorer ------- Open the Explorer logoff ----- ---- cancellation of orders tsshutdn ------- 6

  • Linux batch change the file name of the command 2010-08-12

    Want to add some file date order. That is, the file name years ago with the current day output. Get the date format is as follows Zianed @ ubuntu: ~ / public_web_sSmO9OUVY1/files/image $ date +% Y% m% d 20,091,112 1, using the find, awk / grep / sed,

  • Run linux command (Reprinted) 2011-01-13

    Android to run an external command to achieve the underlying linux android is actually the underlying Linux kernel, of course, you can run linux shell command environment, especially through the root system of dealing with the android, basically linu

  • linux garbled solve and modify the configuration file directly into the command line interface 2011-03-03

    [B] for domestic Linux users, often troubling question is: The system often needs to display Chinese, when they display become garbled, but for some reason, the English interface, the system needs time, but could not normally enter the system and sho

  • Windows used to run the command 2011-03-22

    Run Commands Listed below In Alphabetical Order Program Run Command Accessibility Controls access.cpl Accessibility Wizard accwiz Add Hardware Wizard hdwwiz.cpl Add / Remove Programs appwiz.cpl Administrative Tools control admintools Adobe Acrobat (i