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<p mce_style="text-align: left; "> switched http://coolshell.cn/articles/5132.html <br> <br> <br> The following is a list of open-source Web applications . Nothing to say, crazy. In particular, it is a bunch of Web 2.0. I do not know how you want, write some open source projects, quite bad, especially in terms of performance. Perhaps you will think that they can be altered, for their own use, however, change these open source projects really not easy. Play also. </ P> <p mce_style="text-align: left; "> <br> </ p> <h2> <span mce_style = "color: # 0000ff; font-size: 24px; font-weight: normal;" > Digital Media </ span> </ h2> <ul> <li> Album (Flickr, Picasa) </ li> </ ul> <p> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Gallery, a Web-based PHP + MySQL album. Very easy to use, including a configuration wizard for the operation, including automatically generated photo thumbnails, photo resizing, selection, sorting and so on. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Piwigo, based on PHP + MySQL. Equipped with a powerful, publish and manage your photos, scalability and intelligent browsing, such as category, tag, or chronology. This is a networking and photo standards. Extended to Piwigo more scalable and customizable. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> UberGallery, an easy to use photo album. PHP. No database. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Zenphoto, a simple web gallery script, it can simply show you the picture, and with you all the necessary functions and features. Can and Wordpress integration. <br> </ p> <ul> <li> video (YouTube) </ li> </ ul> <p> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Flowplayer, a development with Flash on the Web, video player, it can be easily integrated in any web page. Support for HTTP and streaming media. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Plumi, a Plone content management system built on the video sharing system to help you easily build video sharing site. <br> </ p> <ul> <li> music radio community (last.fm, ulike) </ li> </ ul> <p> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Libre.fm, on Last.fm 's clone. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> video film community (netflix, criticker) <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Filmaster, fileaster. com source. <br> </ p> <ul> <li> books (LibraryThing, Shelfari, Goodreads) </ li> </ ul> <p> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> O ' Reilly Bookworm, online e-book reader. <br> </ p> <ul> <li> Journal reference Papers Database (Emerald Insight, Springer Link) </ li> </ ul> <p> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span > CiteSeerX, automatic identification technology used to collect the machine online and PDF file formats to Postscrip papers exist, then follow the method of indexing and citation index link every article. (CiteSeer is a new generation of its products in 1997, CiteSeer citation search engine company in the United States by the NEC Research Institute Princeton, the three researchers Steve Lawrence, Lee Giles and Kurt Bollacker developed and it is the use of automatic citation indexing system ACI (Autonomous Citation Indexing) to establish the first scientific literature digital library (Scientific Literature Digital Library)). <br> map (Google Maps) <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> OpenStreetMap, a free editable map of the world available, which is created by all users. OpenStreetMap allows you to view, edit, or use parts of the world's geographic data to help you. Its just like Wikipedia, like the whole world can edit, said the above data than the government data. Of course, the number of participants is not enough, a lot of places are white. </ P> <h2> <br> </ h2> <h2> <font color="#0000ff"> file storage </ font> </ h2> <ul> <li> file sharing / synchronization (DropBox, drop . io, Ubuntu One) </ li> </ ul> <p> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Tahoe Least-Authority Filesystem, a cloud storage distributed file system. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> iFolder, a simple and secure storage solution that can synchronize files between computers and sharing. Can be used to back up local files at any time. <br> </ p> <ul> <li> storage (Amazon S3, Imageshack, Box, Variety of models) </ li> </ ul> <p> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> < / span> Jesse Vincent's Prophet, you can look at his document describes it. <br> </ p> <ul> <li> online document editing (Google Docs) </ li> </ ul> <p> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> AbiCollab, based on AbiWord word processing community online collaboration services. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Etherpad, based on open software, online word processing service that features real people work together a document does not directly provide services to software organizations , but through other organizations not connected to the website. <br> </ p> <ul> <li> virtual machine provisioning (Amazon EC2) </ li> </ ul> <p> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Eucalyptus (computing ), is a cluster or workstation used to calculate the group through to achieve flexible and practical cloud computing. It was originally the University of California Santa Barbara College of Computer Science, a research project, has now been commercialized and developed into a Eucalyptus Systems Inc. However, Eucalyptus is still being maintained and developed as open source projects. Eucalyptus Systems Eucalyptus is also based on open source to build additional product; It also provides support services. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Globus Toolkit, Globus project kit, which can provide a stable on your computer, such as network security and distributed computing, clusters and other high-performance system functions. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> OpenNebula, a virtual infrastructure engine, used for dynamic deployment of virtual machines in a group of physical resources, OpenNEbula biggest feature is the virtual platform from a single physical machine to a group of physical resources. </ P> <p> <br> </ p> <h2> <font color="#0000ff"> content </ font> </ h2> <p> <br> </ p> <ul> < li> Wiki (Wikispaces) </ li> </ ul> <p> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Dokuwiki, file a demand for the small company developed the Wiki engine. DokuWiki is a programming language PHP development and to GPL 2 release. DokuWiki text-based storage, so no database, the data file is readable outside the Wiki system. DokuWiki full-featured, supports UTF-8, the latest version supports Chinese link. To separate a section edit page, automatically generated directory for small and medium enterprises, personal use, for data archiving, guide, study notes. DokuWiki installation is very simple, to provide default configuration tool. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Mediawiki, is a web-based Wiki engine, all Wikimedia Foundation projects as well as many wiki sites are using this software. MediaWiki software originally developed for free-content encyclopedia Wikipedia, the development of a number of companies and organizations today have been deployed for internal knowledge management and content management systems. Novell even more high-traffic sites also use the software. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> μWiki, a compact full-featured wiki, all 3500 lines of code only, through facebook and openID authentication. <br> </ p> <ul> <li> publishing </ li> </ ul> <p> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Topaz <br> <span mce_style = " white-space: pre "> </ span> Ambra, a journal management and publishing system. It has a high capacity, efficient and economic system in all scientific fields published research articles. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Open Journal Systems, referred to OJS, the system is an open source journal management and publishing software from Public Knowledge Project (PKP; Public Knowledge Project) R & D and support. (Chinese Journal of Lung Cancer using this system) <br> </ p> <ul> <li> Blog </ li> </ ul> <p> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> WordPress, it goes without saying it. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> LiveJournal, a comprehensive SNS dating website, with forums, blog, etc., Brad Fitzpatrick was established in April 15, 1999, the purpose of keep in touch with the students, followed by the development platform for large online community, is a good place to gather friends, LJ supports multiple languages, ALEXA 84 overall ranking, up to 6,288,000 daily visitors over <br> </ p> <ul> <li > microblogging (Twitter) </ li> </ ul> <p> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Jisko, and Twitter like interface, integrated Twitter Sync feature, which can automatically You Jisko platform to publish the content published to your Twitter account. Can automatically read your Twitter updates, but does not bring the content to Jisko these platforms, only their friends in the Timeline view. Jisko platform can also connect to your Jabber / GTalk account, allowing you to post via IM. And several reduced-chain services to choose from, very useful. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Jaiku Engine, Google has acquired Jaiku Twitter platform class is now completely open source and switch to run on AppEngine, Google has announced a freeze on Jaiku earlier projects the maintenance and development, now more fully open the Jaiku offers a free download, Everyone can host their own set up and run their own Jaiku applied. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Status.net, an open source microblogging service. At the same time, it can also synchronize their information to Twitter. So we can understand it as "open source Twitter client." But it is essentially different from another client: its own database, but the data synchronized to Twitter it. <br> </ p> <ul> <li> web traffic statistics (Google Analytics) </ li> </ ul> <p> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Piwik, Php + MySQL based on a technology to build, can be comparable with the open source Google Analytics website statistics system access, formerly phpMyVisites. Piwik can give you detailed statistics such as number of Web browsers, most visited pages, search engine keywords, etc., and uses a lot of AJAX / Flash technology, making it more easily in the operation. It also features a plug-in extensions and open API architecture that allows developers to create according to their own actual needs more features. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Open Web Analytics, an open source web site traffic statistics system. Based on PHP / Open Flash Chart / Ajax technology development, either used alone or with WordPress, Gallery & MediaWiki integration use. Support multiple Web sites, integrated Google Maps, RSS / Atom feed tracking and other functions. <br> </ p> <ul> <li> virtual host platform (Google AppEngine) </ li> </ ul> <p> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> AppScale, is a platform that allows users to publish and host your Google App Engine application. Support for Python, Java, and Go Google App Engine platform. <br> </ p> <ul> <li> office (Google Docs) </ li> </ ul> <p> </ p> <p> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Zimbra Collaboration Suite, the abbreviation for the ZCA. Full-featured office communication and collaboration applications, providing reliable and efficient e-mail, address book, the efficiency of manual document production task list, and network functions. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> PHPGroupware, powerful, Web-based Messaging, Collaboration and enterprise management platform. phpGroupWare module can contain more than 50 to match your needs with the combination. It provides about 50 web-based application, a calendar, address book, advanced project manager, to-do list, notes, e-mail, newsgroups and news reader, a file manager and more applications. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> OpenGoo, Fengoffice, based on ExtJs + XAMP (Apache, PHP, MySQL) development of open source web office. It has a major online collaboration system should have all the features, including task management, schedule management, document management, contact management and email sending and receiving capabilities. The document management module, to achieve a file version management feature to easily find, download different versions of the same file. Applies to any unit or individual to create, share, collaborate and publish them to maintain all internal and external documents. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Crabgrass, social networking, group collaboration, the network organization's Web applications. It consists of a solid collaboration tools suite, such as private wikis, task lists, document libraries, and decision-making tools. Program's user interface is currently being done a lot of reform, better social networking tools, blog and events calendar, and better collaboration and decision-making of the independent groups. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Etherpad, by two former Google employees have developed, has been acquired by Google as open source projects. Main function is to allow multiple users over a network to co-edit a document with the previously introduced the Sync.in easy online real-time collaboration platform for similar documents. EtherPad need not be registered will be able to use, create a document will produce a web site, other users through the web site and you can edit the same document, and mark the location of different users are editing, but also provides import and export functions Timeline . </ P> <p> <br> </ p> <h2> <font color="#0000ff"> Groupware Groupware </ font> </ h2> <ul> <li> Webmail (gmail, hotmail) < / li> </ ul> <p> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Zimbra, a powerful open source office suite includes collaboration WebMail, calendar, address book, Web document management and authoring. Its most important characteristic is its use of Ajax technology to imitate the style of CS development of desktop applications software client compatible Firefox, Safari and IE browsers. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Roundcube, multi-language support IMAP client, the interface looks like a desktop application. It provides an e-mail client should have all the features including MIME support, address book, folder manipulation, message searching and spell checking. RoundCube Webmail using PHP + Ajax development and requires MySQL database to store data. User interface design using XHTML + CSS2. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> conjoon, Based on the Ext JS + PHP / MySQL development Webmail and RSS reader client. Also included is a contact management module. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Tdah, a PHP Webmail system. The system uses the POP3 protocol to receive mail, can be configured to use SMTP, PHP mail, Sendmail or Qmail to send the message. T-dah also contains the following modules: event calendar, group chat, folder management, mail search. T-dah to use TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor to create a new message. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Funambol, the world's leading open source cloud sync and PUSHMAIL tools to support a lot of hand-held mobile devices, including Apple, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Nokia and other 20 types. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Hastymail, a quick and easy to use, secure, cross-platform IMAP / SMTP client. Written in PHP and runs on PHP + MYSQL platform environment. Provides a simple Web interface to send and read E-mail. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Xuheki, a fast IMAP client using AJAX technology development side. You can think of it basically has a function. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Claros, a relatively simple, using pop3/smtp send and receive mail webMail system. Do not need database support. Provide an independent SMTP server spam filtering mechanisms. <br> </ p> <ul> <li> Email server (MS Exchange) </ li> </ ul> <p> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Archiveopteryx, an Internet archive mail server, supports archiving capabilities. Can run on Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD and Mac OS X. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Roundcube, provide an e-mail client should have all the features including MIME support, address book, folder manipulation, message searching and spell checking. RoundCube Webmail using PHP + Ajax development and requires MySQL database to store data. User interface design using XHTML + CSS2. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Squirrelmail, a language written in PHP, standards-based webmail package. It includes built-in pure PHP support for IMAP and SMTP protocols, the resulting absolute support HTML4.0 standard pages (no JavaScript support), so you can run on more platforms and more browsers. Its installation requires very low, but very easy to install and configure. SquirrelMail has your client mail program has everything, such as enhanced MIME support, address book, folder manipulation and more. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Horde Groupware Suite, a powerful e-mail office suite. <br> </ p> <ul> <li> mailing list (Google Groups, Yahoo Groups) </ li> </ ul> <p> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Freelists <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Mailman, managing electronic mail discussion lists and free software e-newsletter. Support built-in archiving, automatic return processing, content filtering, digest delivery, spam filters and so on. <br> </ p> <ul> <li> forum (vBulletin) (Note: the country is mainly used Discuz!) </ li> </ ul> <p> <span mce_style = "white-space: pre" > </ span> phpBB, the Chinese here http://www.phpbbchina.com <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Phorum, PHP + MySQL based open source development forum project. It is characterized by fast, powerful, modular design for easy installation. In addition Phorum also integrates newsletter. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Vanilla, many foreign people are using cattle, an open source forum program, it is not known to us or a similar kind of phpBB China discuz, phpwind mode, but adopted a new core and interface, the interface is similar to stackflow, so use it for a question and answer site sociability is also a good choice. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Ospo, is an open source social networking portal solution. It has standard functions (add, delete friends, top ten charts), forums integration, music module (artists directory with albums and songs), broadcast mood integration, log (add, delete, modify, check) and so many function. <br> </ p> <ul> <li> calendar (cf, 30boxes, Google calendars, ScheduleWorld) </ li> </ ul> <p> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span > Zimbra Collaboration Suite, functional communication and collaboration office applications, providing reliable and efficient e-mail, address book, the efficiency of manual document production task list, and network functions. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Web Calendar, a beautiful Flash Calendar, you can add on the page, it can highlight events, meetings, holiday dates. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Funambol, the world's leading open source cloud sync and PUSHMAIL tools to support a number of portable mobile devices, Including Apple, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Nokia and other 20 types. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Joyent Connector, Free Office 2.0 features such as group e-mail, calendar, contact each other, documents, and bookmarks. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Horde Groupware Suite, collaborative office suite. <br> </ p> <ul> <li> meetings and review management </ li> </ ul> <p> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Openconf, open source conference management system, provides the following features: electronic submission, review, thesis, and meeting those of the entire process of management. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> MyReview, conference papers and papers submitted for review. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> EasyChair, conference management system. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> CyberChair, paper submission and review system. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> iChair, conferencing systems, to support paper submission, review, discussion and so on. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Indico, meeting planning, organization, support from simple to complex session. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> ICEcore, open team collaboration software uses social networking unified team workspace and real-time Web conferencing, project management, communities of practice, and remote operation. <br> </ p> <ul> <li> feedback (Pollmonkey, Google Forms) </ li> </ ul> <p> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Limesurvey, formerly To PHPSurveyor) is an online survey program that is written in PHP and using MySQL, PostgreSQL or MSSQL database, etc. It integrates a survey of program development, the release of the questionnaire and data collection function, use it, users These features do not understand the programming details. <br> </ p> <ul> <li> other </ li> </ ul> <p> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> AROUNDMe, you can create, like Ning, Myspace, Yahoo or Google groups, like the partner sites. Each group can create multiple pages, web pages, including guest book, blog, forums, wikis and other functions. Each group can also xHTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP to customize it. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> InteractOLE, is a network of learning delivery and support platforms. Different from other online learning platforms, InteractOLE committed to teaching and learning of social and interactive, rather than to provide the content students learn. </ P> <p> <br> </ p> <h2> <font color="#0000ff"> pure Web 2.0 services </ font> </ h2> <ul> <li> Feed Operation (Yahoo Pipes) </ li> </ ul> <p> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Deri Pipes, the same as Yahoo Pipes, an online visual programming tool, it is one for the filter, conversion and content aggregation services. <br> </ p> <ul> <li> Feed aggregation (Bloglines, Google Reader) </ li> </ ul> <p> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Newsblur, the same as Google Reader, a RSS reader online. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> rsslounge, based on PHP + MySQL development RSS feed reader. You can sort, filter feed, set priorities. In addition to the standard feed items, but also supports picture / photo. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Tiny Tiny RSS, Web-based RSS / Atom news aggregator. It's Ajax-based technology development so the UI looks very much like a desktop application. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Lilina, an open source RSS news aggregator to achieve, powerful, easy to use, but the biggest advantage is that no database support. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> OpenWebReader, multi-user RSS feed reader. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Gregarius, RSS / RDF / ATOM news aggregator supports OPML import / export, XHTML / CSS output. It includes an Ajax-based itemtagging system. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Cheetah News, using AJAX technology to build an RSS reader, perfect support for the Chinese. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Memephage, is an automated web log. It can collect and summarize collected from different parts of the connection, the current from the IRC, social MUD, collect mail and browser, and use the POE multitasking and networking framework. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Ozcode, is Ozmozr.com underlying source code, a mini-RSS aggregator can be social networking, information sharing, identity aggregation and presentation of the site . <br> </ p> <ul> <li> Community Aggregation (FriendFeed) </ li> </ ul> <p> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Identi.ca, A new micro-blogging service, in fact, really a lot of micro-blogging service, but this point is quite special, identi.ca development with PHP, you can use jabber / GTalk, you can also use openid to log in, the main is that it is open-source project. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Noserub, providing siting process, you can create your own mini-portal, including Blog, web extract, share pictures, videos, Twitter, etc. , can be listed here, and real-time updates by RSS, your friends, you can easily learn where to go in the network regularly, most recently in what concern, what to do, thinking. <br> </ p> <ul> <li> Community news (digg) </ li> </ ul> <p> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Meneame, the program is similar to the Digg the Spanish program at the http://websvn.meneame.net/ <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Pligg, the most flexible of Web2.0 CMS system like Digg! Pligg Web designers can use to do his (her) want to do anything. A little knowledge of PHP and Mysql to install Pligg. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Drigg, Drupal-based websites Digg PHP's built system. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Reddit, its source code and documentation here: https://github.com/reddit/reddit <br> <span mce_style = "white-space : pre "> </ span> CommunityNews, through the use of social bookmarking and Bayesian techniques to provide records to the blog on a regular basis. Users can vote for or against RSS sources to support those popular resources. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> NewsCloud, is a civilian-based NewsCloud.com for journalism and social news network design open-source media platform. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Jamss, is based on the social news site Digg.com, which through the PHP / MySQL to run. . Jamss into account the views of and network within the article line comments can also be flexible to adapt to a variety of topics. <br> </ p> <ul> <li> social network (Facebook, Twitter) </ li> </ ul> <p> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Friendika, a by the free PHP + MySQL application (Open Source), provide users a single interface to control the social networking service. Community support services include network application Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Blogger, Identi.ca, RSS feed integration services and e-mail, etc.. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Diaspora, you will be divided into multiple views of your relationship (Google + circle), each view is different parts of your life. This is the first Diaspora, to ensure your photos, experiences and jokes, just to share with the people you want to share. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Buddypress, is the parent company of WordPress, a new open source, BuddyPress essence is the WordPress plugin. WordPress BuddyPress to focus shifted to the community from the blog. Of course, users can still use all the blog functionality of WordPress, but when the user BuddyPress, the first thing to do is create their personal files, the second is write a blog. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> GNU Social, GNU's SNS. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Elgg, a free open source social networking script (php / mysql), to BLOG-centric social network, from the social terms: Elgg in interest as the core social networking platform. It includes blogs, data storage, RSS collections, individual files, FOAF functionality and more. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> SocialEngine, is a PHP and Zend controlled by the network software, the script allows you to easily create your own online community or social networking sites , including custom groups, albums, news, user profiles, video, news subscriptions, drag and drop the clustered mailbox server and more. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> iSocial, is a free social networking script platform, you can use it to build like Friendster and Orkut can be a key to use as bookmarks, appointments and the establishment of group group of social networking sites. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Mahara, with electronic files, blogs, resume editing tools, contact the user's social network and the establishment of fully functional online community. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> The PeopleAggregator, is a whole new generation of social networking site system, it seeks to apply open standards, a close network of interaction and great flexibility. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Appleseed, is a social networking site similar to Friendster's software. Web sites run appleseed will exchange, the formation of Appleseed of social networking sites. The software development focused on the privacy and security, and ease of configuration. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Mugshot, through a series of WEB CRM, photos, logs, etc. so you always know the latest friends. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Clonesumating, is CONSUMATING.COM code open source version of its functions have user profiles, user label, and found odd pairing label merger, team activities ( such as a weekly selection of photographs, blog, Q), events calendar, PSS subscriptions and more. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> BeWelcom Rox, and other social networking sites is www.bewelcome.org operation of the platform, it will truly people gathered together. Understanding of the global village where people and other cultures, share their location, organize travel, travel writing blog and so on. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> OpenPNE, is written in PHP social networking service engine, and its functions have friends management, friends invitation, diary, blog, provide recipients boxes and so on. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> WorldSpace, is a user-extensible shared virtual space, it is committed to a new generation of social networking systems. <br> Zoints, this online community is a piece of software known as the most important part of the Internet, it is the forum moderators to help solve three major problems facing the (ie, to obtain membership, member retention and profitability) and design. <br> </ p> <ul> <li> social bookmarking (Delicious) </ li> </ ul> <p> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Scuttle, the open source Web bookmark system that allows multiple users to online storage, share their favorite links and Tag. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Semantic Scuttle, Scuttle is based on a social bookmarking tool. It can test, like hierarchical labels, co-description, OpenID authentication such new features. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Sabros.us, an Internet-based bookmarks system. It is similar with del.icio.us, you can process your bookmarks online, or own a website. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Connotea, the NGP (Nature Publishing Group) 's website, learn the popular del.icio.us and other social bookmarking creativity, focus on research area, and into the desktop document management software, data, is currently more popular an online bibliographic management tool. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Pressmark <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Shiftspace, make your Wordpress to become like del.icio . us, sabros.us this site. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Ma.gnolia 2, Ruby-based development. Its interface is beautiful, but more slowly, while the search is limited to tag. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Akarru, is used to establish a social bookmarking site like www.blogmemes.com engine. Users can post voting system link on the home page and sell links. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Monkey Chow, is a social bookmarks with the theme articles, labels, OPML, Article Search, edit the source property, and so many features of the news aggregation browser. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Feed Me Links, you can store your bookmarks online anytime, anywhere to use, enter your favorite Web site and share with friends, plus tab to manage the different links, and more waiting for you to discover new things. <br> </ p> <ul> <li> short URL service (TinyURL) </ li> </ ul> <p> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> tinyULL, not tinyURL , do not look wrong. </ P> <p> <br> </ p> <h2> <font color="#0000ff"> identity and security </ font> </ h2> <ul> <li> domain name </ li> </ ul> <p> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Namecoin / .bit, based bitcoin technology decentralized, open the DNS system. . Bit by the domain name in the end do not fly ah, is not a P2P network there,. Bit can always access the site? Will not be wall? We must not and the. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Social DNS <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Distributed DNS <br> </ p> < ul> <li> credentials </ li> </ ul> <p> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> OpenID, a decentralized online identity authentication system. For website support OpenID, users do not need to remember user names and passwords such as the traditional authentication tokens. Instead, they only need to advance as an OpenID identity provider (identity provider, IdP) site registration. OpenID is decentralized, any website can use OpenID as a way users log on, any Web site also can be used as OpenID identity provider. OpenID solves the problem but not only dependent on the central site to confirm digital identity. OpenID is being used more and more large sites <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> OAuth, (for licensing) is an open standard that allows users to third-party applications to access the user stored on site in a private resources (such as photos, video, Contact list), without the user name and password to third-party applications. <br> </ p> <ul> <li> encryption </ li> </ ul> <p> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> CACert, want to own an electronic application e-mail certificates, or to their own websites, apply an SSL server certificate is not easy, you had a year to CA (certificate verification organization) to pay a lot of the certificate application fee. With CAcert, a free digital foreign certificate organization, you can register for free as a user, to apply for personal certificates and server certificates. Certificate is a variety of browsers, mail clients that support. <br> </ p> <h2> <font color="#0000ff"> other </ font> </ h2> <p> <br> </ p> <ul> <li> Translation (Google Translator) < / li> </ ul> <p> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Apertium, a machine translation platform, by the Spanish government and the Catalan autonomous government funding to support the University of Alicante development. <br> </ p> <ul> <li> Desktop (iGoogle, netbives) </ li> </ ul> <p> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> EyeOS, a web desktop environment, commonly known as Web Operating System (Web OS) or Web Office. eyeOS is an open source software, users can freely download or eyeOS eyeOS server on the server use the basic system software comes with some office and PIM applications, and In the official http://eyeos.org can find the complete code. The development philosophy is: Taking Your Life Everywhere! <br> CorneliOS, a run on the server side, Web-based virtual operating system itself, through HTML and (or) XHTML to provide users with a variety of services, which means users need only connect using a normal browser and use this operating system. Very similar to eyeOS. <br> </ p> <ul> <li> 3D library (Google SketchUp 3D Warehouse, Google O3D API) </ li> </ ul> <p> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Mozilla Canvas 3D, OpenGL 3D Web. <br> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Web KML Viewer. <br> </ p> <ul> <li> reference </ li> </ ul> <p> <span mce_style="white-space:pre"> </ span> Wikipedia <br> <span mce_style = " white-space: pre "> </ span> to build your own social network: a collection of open-source social network program </ p> <p> </ p> <p> <br> </ p> <p> <br > </ p> <p> <br> </ p>
<p> <br> </ p>

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