RED5 introduced in the configuration file

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Red5 is built on Jetty6 (servlet engine), Mina (networking) basis, and will play through the use of integrating Spring Framework. So we need to have some configuration files. We may load the properties file through simplified configuration, so users do not need to understand XML. This document is to novices to attribute these profiles, some of which need to be changed, some do not care.
Jetty Config
/ Conf / jetty.xml
servlet engine the main configuration file, if your application is on file in the webapps, and you do not need to change the configuration file. The file is like a Swiss Army knife. you any sort. on the more detailed information, see jetty official documentation.
/ Conf / web-default.xml
The default web xml, used before in WEB-INF/web.xml, it makes all the servlets to the application. Can be understood as a webapp template file.
/ Conf / keystore file is stored fingerprint.
/ Conf / web of ownership, users, passwords and other settings.
Red5 Server configuration file ------------
/ Conf/
By modifying the file we can easily specify a port, configuration parameters, without having to edit xml file. We tried to put all the common configuration file.
/ Conf/red5.xml
Connection context. I do not know what that means? Oh, do not worry, you do not need to edit the file, unless you want to add another global context. You may, when in the management of Red5 would do such a thing.
/ Conf/red5-common.xml
Used to configure the context root of the tree, all services can be used for sub-environment. If you want to share in the global context of your service, you will need to modify the file .99% of users do not need to edit the file .
/ Conf/
Set at the value layer, and output files and so on. The document acts on the entire server. Unless you want to webapp's WEB-INF folder, replace the used log4j configuration file, then you need to modify the file.
/ Conf/red5-net.xml
Mina and start installation of Jetty. Users do not need to modify the file, similar to the port settings need to file configuration.
/ Webapps/red5-default-global.xml
This is the global context, most of the servers only need one, but the management of the virtual host in the security when the need for separation of the global context. If you want to share in the application of the service, will add it here. The context the client can operate similar to the register and the global scope.
Webapp configuration file ------------
/ Webapps / myapp / WEB-INF / web.xml
Standard webapp configuration file, add servlets, context parameters and so on. Loading spring, it is associated in the red5 global context.
/ Webapps/myapp/WEB-INF/red5-web.xml
Control the application context, here is what you add applications and services areas.
/ Webapps/myapp/WEB-INF/
The file can be easy to use red5-web.xml, red5 jetty configurator will also be read in order to set ebapp.virtualHosts and webapp.contextPath. Attention to the requirements of the different servlet engine configuration file is different to discretion.
/ Webapps/myapp/WEB-INF/
Respectively, for each webapp allows you to set the log level and so on. The document will also be spring loaded automatically. Listen to my advice, do not modify it.

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