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  • Recommended articles Slide 5 WordPress Plugins 2010-03-17

    W Many people start using wordpress to build CMS-style site, and a CMS site usually recommended articles region is essential, and most of all to add some slide effects. If you are maintaining a WordPress based on the CMS site, you can try to use thes

  • Recommended articles mssql PHP connections 2010-10-25

    Article is to find online, never get off, has been now put forward a php + mysql php + mssql do not know, there is no way to find some information from the Internet, I read this information before even the first on mssql time I felt really quite stre

  • J2ee webService Recommended articles 2011-04-30

  • [10 years of practical GIS recommended articles] 2010-06-11

    From the beginning to understand what is groping with the Mapinfo GIS and ArcGis, then with some assorted domestic GIS products. Feeling advantages and disadvantages of various products, the problem is to see whether the appropriate application. Done

  • Recommended articles this week 2010-12-06

  • Great article recommended J2ME 2010-10-14

    Recommended articles including J2ME j2me great introductory article, network programming, game development series, development tools, framework articles, comprehensive article (bug) and so on, reprinted for the accumulation of knowledge. Article Sour

  • Some of the ideas recommended 2010-11-02

    A commentary in the ReadWriteWeb article recommendation system, recommendation system is proposed in the five common problems, Lack of data, content data is the basis of a recommendation system, the equivalent of the human body, bones, blood, flesh,

  • How do the pseudo-original articles allows search engines to bring more traffic to make advertising 2011-07-27

    Individual owners time and energy is limited, not every day a large number of original text in order to update the website, some novice owners are not in place because of experience and technology, to update the site by reproduced, man wedding dress,

  • My first Django application 2010-02-26

    Spare time learning Python, usually to do some simple text replace, find, and simple shell scripts. Are used before the bash and perl. function of weak bash something, perl syntax difficult mind are abandoned. Python encounter is easy to get started

  • DEDEcms SEO optimization techniques and precautions (turn) 2010-04-04

    DEDE cms webmaster for those starting or very convenient to use the tag is also very simple advantages GOOGLE will know what you try UTF-8 version of the proposed international code as possible to bring more traffic to your Web page link: / This bar

  • MAVEN2 Practical Guide, maven2 authoritative guide to Britain 2010-04-06

    maven2 authoritative guide to Britain: Transfer from: MAVEN2.0 Practical Guide Author: Li, Haipeng I. Introduction Kn

  • Result mechanism for richer view 2010-05-07

    Transfer from: a very good introduction Result Struts2 the Result as a separate level, can be said that the Struts2 in Action tier design of another essence. Result reason to be a level, in fact, to solve th

  • Online traffic statistics and the number of design 2010-05-16

    Servlet listener there are three, in the ServletContext (context objects), Session (session) and request (a request) to monitor the three objects, you can monitor the object of creation, destruction, add property, remove the attribute, and changes in

  • flex Optimization (2) 2010-07-25

    A few days ago to be a boss recommended articles, from 7yue brother's blog, the author is Sean Moore, Original Address: Finished with the program may not run after the bloated than

  • DEDE essential handbook 2010-07-30

    ( Turn )DEDECMS Templates to create the necessary manuals [1] typeid='' That section ID, a list of templates and files in general do not need to specify the template , Templates allows the cover "," separate multiple columns that [2] row='' That

  • Learning to use maven to see a very practical introduction to tutorial (rookie level entry) 2010-08-20

    I. Introduction knew maven java project in the management of reputation and so he thought of learning to master, so a large amount of documentation. Discovery of these documents are the biggest names in java, most are standing mastered maven introduc

  • IV. SEO content strategy for learning 2010-10-11

    Fourth, content strategy List of SEO Strategy 4.1 The value of content 4.2 content creation 4.1.1 How to make content more popular and high welcome page to retain customers, how to make the content to be welcomed: 1, the share of 2, the exchange of 3

  • In the android screen moves up and down about four Ferrari (Image) 2010-11-30

    In Android, the project directory "res \ drawable" is used to set some pictures of the project resources, how to display these pictures resources? Android provides a Bitmap to store these resources on the android if you are not familiar with the

  • DEDECMS templates to create the necessary manual 1 [transfer] 2010-12-11

    1] typeid =''said the part ID, the list of templates and files in general do not need to specify the template, the template allows the cover "," separate from that more columns [2] row =''said the total number of returned document list [3] col =

  • SD2C: CSDN Product Director Fankai - Building High Performance Web Applications with Rails 2010-12-24

    SD 2010, the General Assembly over two weeks, the official said that out of PPT, but not to download (to prompt the user name password error), this sounds like it spent some of 1800 Ocean grievances. The most detestable is the official site to provid