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Bought a while ago, "Peopleware" 2 (Tsinghua University Press). Have not been watching this weekend suddenly saw this book and decided to find time to study it.

After receiving deep reading. With the increase in the number of chapters read, I began to think I need some of the book describes, and I work in the problems encountered in the actual record.
Of course, if all the record becomes a whole book in a beat to the bolg.
I will be everyone I meet is usually most concerned about the real problems and issues, including records related to the solution in the bolg.

This is the first in a series "of project failure

Peopleware (peopleware), author of many failed projects (for the authenticity of this objective is to keep my attitude), project failure is not just technical problems.
I also did a lot of projects, many of whom are from projects that failed. Frankly, I have to admit I am a boss the company said: we can not do the project ultimately failed, but will continue to be postponed.
But for some continuously renewed or extended up to one year this project, I personally think this is a manifestation of a failure. Only company to consider market share, has been the cost of inputs, the boss did not give up (I think this is the main reason there is naive to think that the boss has lost the resources of the company's unpaid overtime by employees can save as much as possible - - on the back will be devoted to this part)

Here we may wish to define the look, the study notes in this series, I will be delayed longer than half the time the project plan the project referred to as the failure of the project.

Essence of the problem caused by failure of the project is it? ?

In the "people piece" the authors survey found that the most frequent reasons for failure is "political." The term covers a series of non-political content. For example: communication problems, staffing problems, the boss or client disenchanted (good appropriate), the lack of power (in my opinion mainly salaries, feeling on the issue comes to foreign employees simply do not consider this a pay The reason is not their default owner of employee benefits for the foreign press but the system is very reasonable, the staff did not need on this issue and the company and the boss battle of wits. Oh.)
Well, after reading the above words, my first reaction was: the main reason for project failure is the reason people used the words of Chinese rivers and lakes where there was, it seems that is the arena issue. O (∩ _ ∩) O ~ ha ha

"Peopleware" book discussion of major issues: the nature, we work the main problem, not so much a technical problem, as it is sociological issues. (Foreigners called the sociological aspects of the issue arena)
Most managers (we can describe in simple terms is that the boss or the company directly under the leadership) are willing to admit this view: they encountered problems in personnel than in the more technical problems encountered. However, they rarely use this kind of thinking to guide management. They do work, like technology, the main thing they care about history. They spent their time to solve it puts up the best and most interesting problems, these problems should have been their subordinates must be addressed, but if they do the work themselves rather than to manage it. They always look to make some commitment to automate the search for the recipe. Their responsibilities should be doing for most people, it is often assigned the lowest priority.

High-tech illusion

This section is very important in the daily course of our development, we tend to use the latest and most sophisticated technology to improve our own performance and satisfaction. But we should not know that these are precisely the key to project success and failure factors. We use computers and other technology components to develop new products or organizational matters, the main elements of our work is engaged in the business of human communication. Our success comes from good, with all this work the relationships between the participants, the same reason we failed is because of bad interpersonal relationships.

We tend to do several energy technology, rather than interpersonal aspects of the main reasons, not because it is more important, but because it is easier to do. Team members and find out why the restless, endless fear Why, why, compared to resign or to install a development environment to build a development platform is certainly negligible. Interpersonal communication is very complex and effect is the never very clear and explicit. But they more than any other aspect of the work is more important.
If you find yourself concerned about the sociological aspects of technology rather than the problem, you the equivalent of a dark street and then lost the key, but the other one down the street looking up. Just because "the street lights on brighter than the original."

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