RBP system management organization management

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RBP system management including organizational management, business role management, user management system, personal information management, regional management and other functional modules, including "Organization Management" function module is a system to manage the various organizations. Companies of any size are organized by different departments and agencies, work together, work together to complete the work, we carry out their duties to achieve different functions and values, so a decision analysis system, organization management module is indispensable less. The following briefly describes the RBP in organization management.

Management of operations of the organization permission to users (such as administrator or the organization was awarded the management rights of other users) can organizational management, including organization of the company to modify each organization, add a branch organization, organization transfer, remove the organization, functions and add their respective districts and other authorized operations.

Assuming the company organized agencies run dry

Modify the organization of information: can the organization's name, code, description, and sibling order to be modified.

Adding a branch organization: You can add the organization's affiliates, such as dry-run branches of the company to add applications Consulting and technical support, application consulting subordinates add branch pre-sales support and application testing, technical support department to add after-sales support. As shown:

RBP system management organization management

Organization Transfer: Organization can be transferred, can not be transferred to a subsidiary body of the level body, such as the application of Consulting can be transferred to technical support and after-sales support, can not be transferred to its subsidiary bodies in pre-sales support.

Delete Organization: Delete the existing institutions. When a user or organization under the subsidiary bodies of the institutions exist, the agency is not deleted. Application Consulting as there are affiliate sales support, application consulting department will be prompted to remove the body of organized bodies, can not be deleted, if there is a user application consulting his subordinates, but also delete all users under the agency. Only delete the existing organization or sub-agencies under the user before deleting the organization.

Function authorization: Functional organization authorized to set the feature to existing rights, that is, whether the right to read or access some features of the platform. Application Consulting granted as to the statements of the search, information management, favorites of the authority, then the application of consulting with the Ministry of the operating rights of these three functions. As shown:

RBP system management organization management

Add in their respective districts: the tree from the region choose to add the current organization belongs to region, the respective district administration.

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