Query mysql installation path

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show variables like 'datadir';

  • Query mysql installation path 2010-07-12

    show variables like 'datadir';

  • (Abstract) mysql installation path under the linux 2010-05-11

    Have a question, why mysql is not installed on the same file directory? So many directories, what is the purpose then? May be a simple answer: In order to facilitate, consistent with storage standards, such as / Usr / bin Client programs and scripts

  • Mysql installation version and install the free version of the switch to use 2010-04-30

    If you agree with the system simultaneously install mysql and no-install mysql, then how to carry two versions of the switch to be used? What will I meet the problem? First, install mysql's mysql service is started by default, the process in Task Man

  • Apache.php.mysql default installation path 2010-05-25

    apache: If you use RPM package installation, the installation path should be / etc / httpd directory apache configuration file: / etc / httpd / conf / httpd.conf Apache module path: / usr / sbin / apachectl web directory: / var / www / html If the so

  • mysql installation problem on the implementation of the file path 2010-08-19

    Modify the service executable file path Articles Category: JavaEye Problems that occur when installing mysql. In the mysqld-nt - install after installing the service. Net start mysql a "system error 2, the system can not find the file." Solution

  • mysql installation under linux 2010-04-09

    Has been uninstalled before installation to confirm the default mysql, while paying attention to the version of linux compatibility with mysql version / / Installation [Root @ test1 local] # rpm-ivh MySQL-server-community-5.0.87-0.rhel5.i386.rpm / /

  • linux mysql installation process under 2010-05-03

    Linux recently installed mysql, according to information collected online and personal operation, probably made a order for a later reference review. 1, download mysql-5.1.36.tar.gz, and decompression. tar-xzvf mysql-5.1.36.tar.gz 2, add the mysql gr

  • Under LINUX MYSQL Installation Guide (zz) 2010-06-28

    Install Mysql 1, download MySQL's installation files need to view the LINUX version [Root @ server database] # lsb_release-a LSB Version:: core-3.1-amd64: core-3.1-ia32: core-3.1-noarch: graphics-3.1-amdh Distributor ID: RedHatEnterpriseServer Descri

  • Mysql installation and configuration under Linux 2010-07-16

    1, download MySQL for Linux installation file Linux, MySQL needs to install the following two files: MySQL-server-5.1.7-0.i386.rpm Download address: http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/mysql/5.1.html , open this page, scroll down page to find "Linux x86 g

  • (Transfer) mysql installation and use of 2010-08-06

    Very good post, turn From: http://www.javaeye.com/topic/170496 I. Introduction Want to use Linux for a long time, there is no hard task because there is no systematic study has been recently required to use Linux for work under MySQL. I thought to us

  • Linux, mysql installation and use of 2010-08-23

    1, Download Linux needs to move up the project. First Linux install mysql it! Download: http://www.mysql.com/downloads/mysql/ (Select Linux-Generic to download) Second, install Mysql 1, download the installation files to install MySQL MySQL needs the

  • Mysql installation under Linux configuration 2010-11-09

    1 the MySQL installation files for Linux Installing MySQL for Linux requires the following two files: MySQL-server-5.1.7-0.i386.rpm Download address: http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/mysql/5.1.html, open this page, scroll down page to find the "Linux x

  • MySQL MySQL installation Detailed installation diagrams 2010-08-20

    Chengdu JAVA Club on the 2nd group 51,397,782 The following is the MySQL installation diagram, with the installation of the executable file that details a bit! First, open the Mysql Download Center: http://www.mysql.com/downloads/mysql/MySQL Server M

  • LUNIX under MySql installation and use of unloading (Memo) 2010-10-13

    Linux environment MySql installation and operation of [First, install MySQL] -------------------------------------------- ------------- I use the installation file is here: MySQL-server-community-5.1.51-1.rhel5.i386 MySQL-client-community-5.1.51-1.rh

  • mysql installation database table additions and deletions to the user, the backup database 2011-02-16

    Linode Library Database http://library.linode.com/databases/mysql/ Mysql Installation under ubuntu sudo apt-get install mysql-server sudo apt-get install mysql-client Several important directories MySQL Database directory / Var / lib / mysql / Profil

  • MySQL Installation tutorial diagram 2011-10-14

    [Reserved] text link http://www.duote.com/tech/1/2430_4.html # contentbody The following is the MySQL installation diagrams, with the installation of the executable file that details a bit! MySQL Download Open the downloaded installation file mysql m

  • mysql installation under linux resolving 2010-02-23

    1. '. / Mysql-bin.index' not found (Errcode: 13) solution Prompt. / Mysql-bin.index can not be found (due to open the bin log mysql functions), to the database root directory to view the file exists, the problem might be file permissions, see the dat

  • linux + apache + php + mysql installation and configuration documentation 2010-04-09

    First, install mysql (Mysql-5.0.21.tar.gz) cp Mysql-5.0.21.tar.gz / home cd / home tar zxf Mysql-5.0.21.tar.gz cd Mysql-5.0.21 . / Configure - prefix = / usr / local / mysql - sysconfdir = / etc - localstatedir = / var / lib / Mysql / Description: #

  • About MySQL socket path problem 2010-06-02

    Text: http://www.blogjava.net/asenyifei/articles/82575.html Installed a MYSQL his client, but found this error: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/ var / run / mysqld / mysqld.sock' (2) 1. First see / etc / init.d / mysqld status to

  • SUSE11 mysql installation configuration under 2010-09-09

    SUSE SLES11 install and configure mysql on the notes, share and notes. (1) Download the official website to download from mysql to the latest release version of 5.1.45, simplicity, direct download SLES11 the RPM version: MySQL-server-community-5.1.45