Qt programming environment under Windows configuration

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Eclipse + CDT + MinGW: http://hexlee.javaeye.com/blog/499152
Windows + QT + Eclipse + MinGW tutorial build QT development environment more Keyword: c + + qt eclipse mingw
Windows + QT + Eclipse + MinGW detailed tutorial build QT development environment

First, prepare tools:

QT-SDK for Windows: http://get.qt.nokia.com/qtsdk/qt-sdk-win-opensource-2009.04.exe

QT-Eclipse-integration-win: http://dist.trolltech.com/developer/download/qt-eclipse-integration-win32-1.5.3.exe

Eclipse IDE for C / C + + Developers: http://www.eclipse.org/downloads

MinGW: http://www.mingw.org/ or http://sourceforge.net/projects/mingw/files/

Second, the installation:

1. Install eclipse: it says nothing directly extract

2. Install MinGW: now officially available to download and install a tool, follow the instructions to install is the default

I installed the directory is: E: \ MinGW

3. Install QT-SDK for Windows: C drive requires almost 1G of zero space, or will be error Oh! Choose the right path to direct the next step the next step to install it, but he will be forced to install his Qt Creator tool.

My installation directory is D: \ Qt

4. Installation Eclpse plug QT-Eclipse-integration-win: This is very Easy, the installation process will ask you to choose Eclipse, MinGW / bin installation directory, choose the right to it is:

My directory is: D: \ Program Files \ Trolltech \ Eclipse

Software installation is complete!

Third, configure:

Configuration and software installation, a separate list to be relatively clear point ^ _ ^:

1. Configuration MinGW environment variables:

Assigned according to their installation directory is, what is my reference:


PATH =; E: \ MinGW \ bin; E: \ MinGW \ libexec \ gcc \ mingw32 \ 3.4.5



C_INCLUDE_PATH =% MINGW_PATH% \ include;% MINGW_PATH% \ lib \ gcc \ mingw32 \ 3.4.5 \ include

CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH =% MINGW_PATH% \ include \ c + + \ 3.4.5;% MINGW_PATH% \ include \ c + + \ 3.4.5 \ mingw32;% MINGW_PATH% \ include \ c + + \ 3.4.5 \ backward;% C_INCLUDE_PATH%

LIBRARY_PATH =% MINGW_PATH% \ lib;% MINGW_PATH% \ lib \ gcc \ mingw32 \ 3.4.5

The MinGW directory (if there is no separate installation of Qt under the directory) of mingw32-make.exe to make.exe

2. Enter D: \ Program Files \ Trolltech \ Eclipse, Eclipse run double start.bat

File ànewà Other, there basically succeeded in this:

3. In Eclipse to configure QT:

Have to have this step, otherwise can not be Oh!

Window àPreferenceà Install/Update-> Qt

Click to add

Fill the path:

This is what I write, Finish it!

Fourth, try running:

New projects QTproject

Visual UI Designer

Run! debuger Select the first on it

V. Summary:

In fact, I know very little of the QT, the configuration is also a reference to the CSDN were written up

Qt programming environment under Windows configuration (Eclipse + CDT + MinGW with VS2008 + VS Add in) points

Article, and then try to configure their own success, and thanks for his hard work.

Summarized here configured to be a record for the rainy day!

VS2008 + VS Add in
VS2008 installation is not to say, Qt VS add in the installation does not say, and are common installation package is simple, but the configuration, people vomiting blood, this step does not see the document be completed, that is genius. After all was installed, the new project wizard will appear Qt, but after use, will find that creation can not, prompts you to configure Qt, and then find that VS2008 has emerged in the Qt menu item, choose the Qt Option, you can see the need to configure Qt SDK path, choose, you choose whether to confirm how many times you are correct, but OK button is always not available or has been dimmed, and you will wonder, and program wrong? Obviously choose the correct, ah? This is the Nokia out of the advanced software-_-!

Indeed, the configuration wrong directory on, but inside, something is wrong directory, you choose yes yes MinGW version of Qt SDK-_-! In fact, Nokia is no configured VS Qt version available for download, need to use with VS , you need to self-configure. In the Qt SDK installation directory, named the entire directory to copy a time (keep MinGW version to meet the Eclipse), the next level in this directory directory Qt / bin in the program will find configure.exe, we need to run this program to configure Qt. I recommend the configuration command is

D: \ Qt \ vs2008ver \ qt> configure-opensource-debug-and-release-platform win32-msvc2008-no-sql-sqlite-no-qt3support-no-dbus-no-phonon-no-phonon-backend-no- webkit-no-libtiff-no-dsp

Choice of remaining for a fool, began to wait for Qt configuration. After configuration, compile with nmake, leaving space for the storage of at least 7G intermediate file, and then other N-hour bar (Qt in the end to know how large a ghost) and pray you succeed in this, and then re-enter the VS's Qt Option option, select directory, see the OK button and finally survived, and Burongyia, in Windows, Linux-like configuration requirements, more people will be stumped, because in Linux, I re-used to complex configurations, but under Windows I got used to the next step. . . . . . . . . . . .

This is a talk so much, hope you come and experience the feeling of being tortured-_-! There were half need help to prevent or abandon, in fact, precisely because of this step is tedious toll increase, therefore, now have a dedicated open source projects to resolve the matter, that is, qt-msvc-installer, after I tried feeling than the above process is one day at a time, I am glad I used Di is VS2008, Because above will only Zhichi VS2008, VS2008 with people who celebrate it with that open source bad beings (like Qt at this point Zuo a) is valid, but not open source (such as qt-msvc-installer), then we would still be doing those repetitive, meaningless, and the collapse of the things that make people depressed.

Impressions (can be ignored, just nonsense)
In general, the Windows install software, configure the software much easier than Linux, as yum, apt tools such as development, things changed slowly began to develop the recent discovery of Qt's into the environment can be used as an extreme example of see, in Linux under the configuration of a Qt-programming environment that is a very simple matter, because the other all have been there, g + +, make, have, qt4 can through apt-get install, is already a qt of C + +, compiled environment, we need to do is to download Eclipse and install (in fact kubuntu9.04 can also apt-get install, but the version too old), then with a qt of eclipse plug-in, on all OK, the whole process not a hours, but in Windows, set up a similar environment, easier said than done, ah, courage, confidence, perseverance comrades impossible without information and guidance to resolve the case. . . . Reference Guide also requires perseverance. . . . (Recently installed Linux software configurations are very few things look like, Windows, under more is not heard long, long time to install the software to look at the tutorial)

In fact, VS version of Qt be difficult to configure to use Nokia for some of the factors is that they are designed to be difficult to use because they have useful commercial version of Windows, used to sell for money, in fact, it is strange inherited Trolltech's tradition, Trolltech need for such means to make money, but Nokia will not need a fraction of this, Nokia is a great need for the promotion of Qt, to get developers to its mobile platform support (support for Qt on Saipan to be released). . . . Gnome and GTK + is now the momentum has been overshadowed KDE + Qt, but Nokia still refuses to give up that old tradition, which I can not understand.

This article comes from CSDN blog, reproduced, please indicate the source: http://blog.csdn.net/vagrxie/archive/2009/10/20/4703282.aspx

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