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A few days ago reading the " wealth "on an article entitled How to inherit the "Password" heritage of the article, let me deep in thought: If one day we leave this world who will inherit our network property? QQ, hundreds of our friends how to do? You then five, six of QQ numbers how to do? If you are a network of gamers, you invested a lot of money above and energy, are not they disappear as you disappear? Grass-roots operation that hard up webmasters site is not too old one day go natural? Yes ah, these are your personal property, but they are more secure because they have the password property, while they are intangible assets, they do not exist in this material world, they are virtual. So how can we as the disposal of movable or immovable, as our generation to transmission to carry on? Yes, unfortunately, at least for now we do not have a good solution, at least not in China. Unless you put all your passwords, all network assets are trusted to tell the people around you.

A growing number of virtual wealth

Every day we work to use QQ with friends, relatives and friends to communicate with emotion; a variety of important information by e-mail delivery; in a distant forum to vent about the cat pounced on the reality of dissatisfaction; in Facebook and other personal space with text, pictures and video record of understanding of life and precious moments; tired when the game login ID, the embodiment of the warrior, knight enjoy in the game world are killing Swordsman, release pressure; in moments of boredom or open microblogging Twitter chatter about it. If you are a grass-roots have a personal Web site owners, your every article, every Web site is devoted your efforts.

This is your virtual wealth, whether you have realized that we like our virtual wealth and the number of bank cards, like as we work to create the constantly growing. These should be your wealth, your ownership.

Virtual wealth has become a topic not be avoided.

When we consider this issue, we must first realize that a more important issue: the virtual wealth of property attributes. That is the virtual online world where wealth is not whether a property, the matter has not reached a conclusion. For example, you play the game in the network's senior equipment, you QQ QQ number and friends, your e-mail, your account number and other micro-Bo, whether they belong to the property, do not have a clear view.

Second, virtual wealth, property, property is not recognized

2008, Shanda had occurred in dispute, the cause of the dispute is simply a giant network without the consent of the user consent to delete some of its equipment, the user to court. The contradiction between the two sides focus on what is a virtual wealth is not part of the property. A party that is putting in a lot of time and effort of its labor income, of course, are their property, while the other is that its items are operator specific, what kind of equipment swap out the number of operators by a good set of its ownership also belongs to carriers. Operators eventually sentenced to lose, damages 1 per.

U.S. Marine Corps in 2005, a soldier killed in Iraq, his family requested Yahoo account and password. E-mail Yahoo previous terms of the agreement is "even if the user dies, their online activities are also confidential." Judges do not stand on family side, but the final decision or a "compromise" a bit: to allow Yahoo to soldier's E-mail and other recording in the CD drive, and then handed over to their families, the password is not with the delivery.

This article does not want to discuss on this issue, because even if our country has just released "property law" gives no conclusion on this issue, and the legal profession for a debate raging, there was never a unified view, dudo, a non-legal professionals more difficult to comment on this. Clearly, however, one yuan of compensation the player could not make up for the above inputs.

Not just online games, the network you use everything you can give you a meaningful sense of satisfaction, you can treat it as your wealth. He was identified as the property in before you can treat your house, car as randomly distributed to others, nor can it be included in a will as a legacy of years.

Third, the network Heritage Trust came into being

Legal experts do not expect that give you pleasant surprise, but also on our lifetime can not see a satisfactory solution. However, do not have to frustration. Although the virtual wealth is not so true, but it is also its disadvantage its merits, you do not need to go through complicated procedures for property transfer, you just need your password to people you trust to complete the transfer of property . And you also can give different passwords to different people, such as your password you QQ to a person, you Email your password to another person. With the password they have ownership of this account, and all this without third party intervention.

So in the United States to a "guardian of the digital heritage", as long as you alive in Deathswitch, Slightlymorbid.com other websites to register and fill in the e-mail you distributed to friends and family content. If you have a period of time are not logged in, relatives will receive an e-mail, or by e-mail friends and relatives visit the website activation process.

Deathswitch site is the emerging "digital heritage Guardian," a member. Registration to the site can create up to 30 e-mail with attachments. If you have not logged in the site for some time (eg one week), this email will be automatically sent to your specified address list. Even the website also do not know what to write in both e-mail content, before they are issued, are encrypted using a password, only users can view their content.

If you think Deathswitch flaws, then there is another site you can try. Slightlymorbid Although e-mail is sent in the user's death, but it does not determine the user the manner of death to the user login to the site periodically, but users will need to login to tell a trusted relative or friend of the user bad happened after Login to the site by the relatives and friends, send e-mail program manually activated. And in April, the same digital heritage guardian of Legacy Locker website will also be put into operation, it sends the information needed by the death certificate.

In China, it is not blank. August 2009, Nanjing, an electronics company launched the corresponding business , undertake network heritage. The business has just launched a month, it attracted tens of thousands of users all over the country's attention. If the customer does not last 30 days, QQ referred to heirs. Heritage, including its managed network QQ, MSN, forums, game account number.

Fourth, how much business

In foreign countries, so the digital heritage of service is just beginning, At the same time lot of the real Yongyou virtual wealth Ren Huan Du prime of life, Ta Men yes Zhegewangluo age of first generation, so that the business may also not we have imagined Name Shangjiwuxian. But when the now active in the network, especially FaceBook, Twitter, Digg users have the first generation to grow old, they really consider how to dispose of their legacy networks. I believe this is an ascendant, a promising industry.

In China, I do not have such confidence, the Chinese were the first born to this very shy, Chien, followed by the distribution of their own heritage and no kind of serious, largely inherited the father's forefathers sons point of view. Of course, perhaps, only 80 of these in today, after 90 years in the network occupies a dominant position in the group to the seventies, they will change the concept, then, when Digital Heritage Trust will become fashionable.

However, few have set foot in this area, even if there is only a little bit of demand, but also enough to make you start a business. Of course, if you now say.

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