python's urllib2 module connected to the network with a proxy

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Today to download some pictures, these pictures were all the wall. To think about using python to download, of course, starting a proxy.

Search, I found that urllib and urllib2 modules are in support of the agent, but to http proxy. And I built with Tunnelier is sock5 agent, then re-use the search python sock5 agents, third-party module that is relevant, called SocksiPy.

After downloading follow the instructions to use, but has been unsuccessful, the sweat, it may be too low perception.

It seems only to find a http proxy, and we should not put forward a nginx http proxy? Toss the next, seemingly without success.

Also think of this blog wrote a sock5 agent of another transfer agent http post, which refers to the software immediately found: Privoxy

Download and install, the final version is

Privoxy 3.0.17

I downloaded this. After installation open the Options-Eidt Main Configuration

Then will use Notepad to open the configuration file, add in the bottom of this file:

forward-socks5 /

Note that the last plane has a point, the best copy.

My Tunnelier open port in 7070 sock5 agent, depending on individual circumstances change.

Save and restart Privoxy.

Http proxy at and then there is, the 8118 is the default port privoxy.

urllib2 to use a proxy:

import urllib2

proxy = '127 .0.0.1:8118 '
opener = urllib2.build_opener (urllib2.ProxyHandler ({'http': proxy}))
urllib2.install_opener (opener)
sContent = urllib2.urlopen (url). read ()
file1 = open (filepath, 'wb')
file1.write (sContent)
file1.close ()

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