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python-libmemcached 网站 :

python-libmemcached 是 libmemcached 的 Python 封装版本,由豆瓣开发。

  • 授权协议: BSD
  • 开发语言: Python
  • 操作系统: Linux
  • Install python - memcached 2010-06-17

    0. Target installation pylibmc # md5 = e43c54e285f8d937a3f1a916256ecc85 A. Environment Ubuntu Server 10.04 is already installed gcc, python2.6.5 and dev packages sudo apt-get insta

  • python的memcache模块连接速度测试 2015-01-16

    三者区别: python-libmemcached:是对libmemcached接口的封装,pypi上至今还是dev版,豆瓣以前对此修改使用. pylibmc:也是对libmemcached接口的封装. python-memcache:是纯python实现(听说有内存泄露). 另外前两者没有遍历memcached的接口(get_stats函数实现不一样) 测试环境: ubuntu 14 64 4 * Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3470 CPU @ 3.20GH 8G RAM 客户

  • python or ruby? 2009-03-10 Winter always wanted to learn about dynamic languages. python or ruby? Found, then relevant content, to summarize: Advantages Disadvantage python I often used cterm, and used pica is prepared python. Douban prefere

  • (Shanghai) co-tenant server hosting rails php python 2009-03-22

    As follows: one in Shanghai and Friend (a friend has a server) to Shanghai hosted here, an annual fee of around 4500. Intend to find about five people, along with co-tenant, custodian fees everyone shared. Configuration is as follows: A 4-core CPU in

  • python vs javascript 2009-03-27

    python structural body (including class, function and class instances) and the javascript of the structure (Object and function) to achieve somewhat similar, but also somewhat different. python the class of data and functions around the store are Vic

  • python vs ruby 2009-03-28

    Object Language 1.python are weak, and ruby are pure object language python can not object to run, but the ruby is the foundation of Object. And python packages bound for the relatively weak, while the relative strength of ruby. Such as a class examp

  • Libmemcached to do with rails of the cache store client 2009-05-11

    libmemcached is a C library based on the memcache client, ruby has a package: Take advantage of the client comes with Rails 2.3.2 for performance comparison of the opportunity to make it a measure, compar

  • Libmemcached the rails to do with cache store client 2009-05-14

    libmemcached is a C library based on the memcache client, ruby has a package: Rails 2.3.2 to take advantage of the own client the opportunity to compare performance, but also a measure to do it, compared

  • Flow arrangements for software development (as an example in Python language) 2009-05-31

    Python language in the following example to illustrate the flow of software development arrangements For software development, implementation function of the preparation of the development of software code is only a small part of the whole story but

  • Javascript Closure closure with python 2009-08-24

    The following code demonstrates a very good function of the closure JS var f=[]; for(var i=0;i<10;i++) f.push(function(){alert(i);}); f[0](); Print 10. Because all the f functions are shared with a scope window, call when looking for a window with th

  • Smalltalk Python Perl and Ruby 2009-10-23 Smalltalk Like Smalltalk Ruby is a dynamic and pure object-oriented language. Both languages are dynamic because they do not use static type information. They are pure because all values are objects and

  • py2exe package python to exe 2010-02-02

    The first step: to establish. Py file Content: print "Hello World!" Step two: build build file Content: from distutils.core import setup import py2exe setup (console = ['']) or setup (windows = ['']);; differenc

  • python + MySQLdb to achieve a binary image of the writing and reading library 2010-02-02

    #!/usr/bin/python #coding=utf-8 import MySQLdb class BlobDataTestor: def __init__ (self): self.conn = MySQLdb.connect(host='localhost',user='<your user>',passwd='<your pw>',db='0') def __del__ (self): try: self.conn.close() except : pass def c

  • Easy_install to install Python in 2010-02-02

    Python easy_install tool in modern discovery, and its role is similar to Php of pear, or Ruby's gem, or Perl in the cpan. If you want to use the easy_install tool may need to install setuptools, but even cooler is to use script: wget-q ht

  • Access to the machine with python ip address outside the network 2010-02-02

    #!/usr/bin/python #coding=utf-8 import socket import re def getip(): import re,urllib2 print'\d+\.\d+\.\d+\.\d+',urllib2.urlopen("").read()).group(0) # In the middle of the HTTP address for various IP Query t

  • Access to the machine with python ip address 2010-02-02

    #!/usr/bin/python #coding=utf-8 import socket import fcntl import struct def get_ip_address(ifname): s = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_DGRAM) return socket.inet_ntoa(fcntl.ioctl( s.fileno(), 0x8915, # SIOCGIFADDR struct.pack('256s', ifnam

  • [Transfer] of using python calculate the number of days between two dates ﹑ weeks and several days after the designated date corresponds to 2010-02-02

    >>> import datetime >>> help(datetime) View the 2009 5 January 31, and 2009 2/ 1 How many days of the date interval >>>,05,31) >>>

  • Python Standard Library 2010-02-02

    Python Standard Library

  • ip address check python module written anti- 2010-02-02

    Search by IP address anti-attribution to the python module business logic from the other C + + module development has been completed. #include <Python.h> #include "iplookup.h" static il_db_t _g_db; ipitem ip_lookup(const char *query) { con

  • How to create a Python multiple inheritance 2010-02-02

    Python multiple inheritance can be very useful. However, when the project reached a certain level of complexity, the process of code often exposes their fundamental flaws. Let us direct access to object-oriented version of a sample and see how it cha