python development tools plug-ins!

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  • python development tools plug-ins! 2010-05-27

    aptana update

  • EditPlus3.2---- transfiguration Python development tools 2011-05-31

    Specific settings: 1. Tool-> Configurager User Tool 2.GroupName: Python 3.Menu text: Python3.1 4.Command: D: \ python \ python.exe (python install directory) 5.Augument: $ (FileName) 6.Initial directory: $ (FileDir) above all refence to pricture 7.Ou

  • Eclipse plug-ins to use Ruby Development Tools 2009-09-09

    Eclipse plug-ins to use Ruby Development Tools Document options Send as an e-mail this page Tomcat Application Development Download IBM open-source J2EE application server, WAS CE new version V1.1 Level: Intermediate Neal Ford ( @

  • Symfony command Tkinter development tools (1) 2010-07-08

    1, Python Tkinter In Python GUI development, there are several libraries available, such as: Tkinter, WxPython, PyQT, pyGTK, Jython, MFC, PythonCard, Dabo, AnyGUI, WPY, IronPython. This article will use a PHP framework Symfony Tkinter development ord

  • Ten essential Linux development environment development tools / Linux development tools Daquan / Linux Web Development Tools 2010-08-04

    Ten essential Linux development environment development tools / Linux development tools Daquan / Linux Web Development Tools 2009-03-26 10:14 Keywords: LINUX tool development environment for programming software Articles from

  • Python development environment - Eclipse development environment 2010-08-28

    In the Eclipse development environment to configure python 1. Download python installation package. Python-2.4.2.msi. And install. This process is very simple, not much said. After the installation is complete, close the installation program, open th

  • Front-end development tools for the development tools commonly used articles 2010-11-17

    Related technologies in recent years the rise of RIA, WEB front-end related jobs have begun to appear in a growing number of Internet companies, and more and more attention. A few years ago are doing front-end and (PS design renderings, dreamweaver o

  • I used Linux command of the swig - to C / C + + code for embedded development tools for Java and other languages 2010-12-01

    I used Linux command of the swig - to C / C + + code for embedded development tools for Java and other languages This link: (Reprinted please specify link) Use Description SWIG Simplified Wrapper and Int

  • jQuery development tools and plug-ins 2011-01-06

    1.Dreamweaver I believe everyone was familiar Dreamweaver, Dreamweaver is to create Web sites and applications of the professional tools. It visual layout tools, application development features and code editing support together, its powerful, so all

  • . Flex RIA development environment and development tools 2011-05-24

    . Flex RIA development environment and related development tools, complete set to read 133 comments 0 2010-03-21 21:02:24 font size: medium and small subscription. March 2004, Macromedia (2005 was Adobe acquired) released Flex 1.0. Since then, Flex-b

  • OpenLaszlo and how to enter the J2EE development tools 2009-04-08

    This article reprinted from the IBM tutorial, the original text see: https: / / OpenLaszlo This section details on OpenLaszlo, including how it suitable Java 2 Platf

  • Five outstanding under the Linux open-source development tools 2009-06-11

    Linux is an excellent development environment, but without good development tools as a weapon, the environmental benefits you give will be greatly reduced. Fortunately, there is a lot of use of Linux and open source development tools for you to choos

  • Large collection of Web development tools 2009-07-01

    Author: Klaus Komenda , Translation: butwho English original: Collection of Web Developer Tools, per Browser Original found: Translation made-Collection of Web Developer Tools for major browsers Chinese translation: Large collection of Web developmen

  • Popular development tools, JAVA EE 2009-08-14

    Project Management: Ant, the de facto standard project management tools, almost all of the open source project will bring the ant script, almost all the development tools provide support for it. Development Tools: Eclipse, with its completely open ar

  • Fourteen common Java development tools, and its characteristics (transfer) 2010-03-29

    1, JDK (Java Development Kit) Java Development Kit From the novice point of view, using JDK develop Java programs can quickly understand the program, the relationship between the various parts of the code will help to understand Java object-oriented

  • perl-Free Development Tools 2010-03-07

    Open Perl IDE is a Windows Perl under visual integrated development tools. As shown below License: Unknown Development Language: Perl Delphi / Pascal Operating System: Windows Software Home Page: Document address

  • Procedures with Ruby development tools for windows 2010-03-28

    GUI TOOLKIT: wxRuby GUI Development Tools This is an introduction to Chinese COMPILER: RubyScript2Exe Ruby program to

  • CSS3 development tools to collect 2010-04-30

    Order from: List of Really Useful Tools For CSS3 Developers Chinese: CSS3 development tools to In general, CSS is very simple. But when the browser vendors to achieve CSS3 features, some of the problem became complicated. Is not difficult, but some c

  • Zend Study Notes - (b) development tools 2010-05-06

    Development tools using zend studio 7.1 .2 Download Download after installation My installation directory is D: \ dev \ Zend \ Zend Studio - 7.1.2 Open registration is completed zend studio 7

  • My development tools 2010-05-28

    My development tool set includes the following tools: Version control: SVNServer, SVNClient, Git Document Management: Confluence Project Management: JIRA + GreenHopper Continuous Integration: Husdon Construction Tools: Maven2 Maven repository: nexus