prototype function and its use of common

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prototype function and its use of common

prototype.js commonly used functions:

Function name




Alternately hide or show

Element.toggle (''div1'','' div2'')



Element.hide (''div1'','' div2'')

Display (''div1'','' div2'')



Element.remove (''div1'','' div2'')


Achieved a high degree of

Element.getHeight (''div1'')


And Element.toggle same

Toggle.display (''div1'','' div2'')


Insert text before the DIV

Insertion.Before (''div1'','' my content'')


Insert text in the DIV

Insertion.After (''div1'','' my content'')


DIV inserted before the word most

Insertion.Top (''div1'','' this is a text'')


Insert text in the DIV in the final

Insertion.Bottom (''div1'','' this is a text'')


To call a given frequency JavaScript

PeridicalExecutor (test, 1) "This test is a Javascript function, 1 is the frequency (1 second).


Get a DIV, equivalent to getElementById ()

$ (''Div1'')


Clear input box

Field.clear (''textfield1'')


To focus on input box

Field.focus (''select1'')


Determine whether the content is empty

alert (Field.present (''textfield1''))"

Select the contents of the input box (''textfield1'') "


To focus on the input box and select the contents of the input box

Field.activate (''textfield1'') "


String into the table of contents


Table of contents for the array to obtain


disable all the contents of the form

Form.disable (''form1'') (this seems to not work)


To focus on the first element in the table

Form.focusFirstElement (''form1'')


Reset Form

Form.reset (''form1'')


To obtain the value of form input box

Form.Element.getValue (''text1'')


The contents of the table into the input box string

Form.Element.serialize (''text1'')

$ F

Equivalent Form.Element.getValue ()

$ F (''text1'')


Highlight effects.

Effect.Highlight (''text1'')


Fading effects


Zoom (Percentage)

Effect.Scale (''text1'', 200)
Where 200 = 200%, or twice the


Effects disappear. Reduce text disappear after

Effect.Squish (''text1'')


Effects disappear. Enlarge text disappear after

Effect.Puff (''text1'')


Effects appear


ZOOM effects.


Send Ajax requests to the server

Ajax.Request (''http://server/s.php'')


Send Ajax requests to the server and use the results of updating the specified reply Container

Ajax.Updater (''text1'','' http://server/s.php'')

Basic usage: prototype.js to each major sub-class of a Class, easy to use. To produce a particular effect, as long as new Class.function (<argument>) on it. For example:

<DIV> <a Href="#"> Click Me </ a> </ DIV>

<DIV> Hello! </ DIV>

When you click on Click Me time, div2 will alternately hide or show. Note that you can toggle with an unlimited number of parameter, such as Element.toggle (''div2'','' div3'','' div4'', ...)

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