Practical knowledge of flex base

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1. Pop-up a new window
Flex class to achieve by PopUpManager new window pops up:
First set up the page to pop-up window, and then in the main window pop-up window out of the first new object, and then can assign the properties pop-up window,

var genggai : GengGaiWindow = new GengGaiWindow();
      genggai.logId =;
     //  Use the PopUpManager class in the following two methods pop-up window  :
      // Use the PopUpManager class has the following method to close the pop-up window  :PopUpManager.removePopUp(this);

Let the window center is


2. Page Jump - multi-view switching
Flex applications can be realized according to different needs of users for up to switch between the same view, this process is only one view is displayed on the top floor, stacked in the form of other views to be hidden. This function is achieved with the container had ViewStack. ViewStack include container is a view, switch between views through other components or write ActionScript to achieve.
In this case, <mx:ViewStack> tab view:
<mx:Canvas"View1"> View View1 </ mx: Canvas>
<mx:Canvas"View1"> View View2 </ mx: Canvas>
Switch between views: viewstack1.selectedChild = View2;

3.Flex access the java application server LCDS the Flex application based on the most powerful features is the ability to call directly through LCDS server side java code (by using the Remoting service method):
Use the back-end of the java class in remoting-config.xml configuration file which describes, and then through the Flex configuration file as a remote object called an alias. Configuration file:

           <properties>  <source>service.UserService</source>   </properties>

Replaced by the following tag in the page only library calls directly to the remote object:

<mx:RemoteObject"userService" destination=" UserService "/>

RemoteObject class instance declarations while pointing out the remoting-config.xml configuration file in the alias statement of java classes, so that you can call a remote java class has:


4.Flex page to receive the return value of java class
Flex can not directly receiving the return value of java class, through the following methods:
First of all, in a statement, while remote java class, call the java class specified in a way, the return value through an ActionScript to handle:

<mx:RemoteObject destination="LogService">
              <mx:method name="getTotalPages" result="getTotelResult(event)"/>

Next in ActionScript class in java by value received:

private function getTotelResult(evt:ResultEvent):void{
                            totlepage = evt.result as int;          }

The first step in this process can also be placed in ActionScript, the example of an ActionScript:


5. Page list of dynamic real-time display
JAVA in the LIST, ARRAYLIST where corresponds to the FLEX can ArrayCollection to receive. To achieve dynamically display list, the first page of the ArrayCollection dynamic binding category:

      public var logAC : ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection();

Next, the realization of the dynamic refresh the list, delete an item when:
Call this.initWindow () to refresh the page;
Add a new log:
Call mmm.initWindow () to refresh the main page, which page type mmm-based object (var mmm: FlexTest;), add in the pop-up window, the main page to add his window mmm Vice property

public function gotoDetail3():void{
             var tianjia : TianJiaWindow = new TianJiaWindow();
             tianjia.mmm = this;
             PopUpManager.centerPopUp(tianjia);   }

6.Flex hyperlink in the realization of similar
Flex is not a hyperlink, the hyperlink can be achieved in disguise, first define the link's address:

public var u:URLRequest = new URLRequest

Write a ActionScript, use navigateToURL (u, '_self') method to link to the address above:

private function clickTTSelectResult(event:CloseEvent) :void

Page link button, call the above ActionScript:

<mx:LinkButton x="508" y="405" label=" Exit  " width="66" height="20" fontSize="11"
click="popTAlert()" />

7. Using FileReference upload files need to be uploaded files are declared as FileReference class.
Open the file browser window with: file.browse (allTypes); attention FileFilter usage, it can not be directly used as
Browse FileReference class member function parameters, to put in the array allTypes. Specific upload code:

var request: URLRequest = new URLRequest
      // = "userid = " + userid;
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