PL / SQL (oracle) 6_ stored procedures

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First, the concept of subroutines.
a. is a named pl / SQL block.
b. usually able to receive the parameters passed to invoked by others.
c. Based on the standard PL / SQL block structure, including the declaration section, executable it part of exception handling part of the end part.
Second, the type of subroutine.
a. stored procedure: usually an action is performed.
b. Functions: usually perform a calculation.
Third, the stored procedure is a subroutine to perform an action, as a database object is stored in the database, can be called repeatedly.
Fourth, create the stored procedure syntax:
Create [Or Replace] Procedure stored procedure name [(parameter list)] Is | As PL / SQL block.
Description: The parameter list of the form parameter name [parameter mode] parameter's data type, if there are multiple parameters, each separated by, division.
Parameter mode: including three, respectively, in, out, in Out, when the parameter mode is omitted, indicates that the parameters in model.
Parameter data type: data type can only write here the type of name, can not write length.
Is | as the back of your variable declarations do not need to declare additional keywords.
End of the part that can end; can also end the stored procedure name; to end.

Create Or Replace Procedure p_1
      v_deptname Varchar2(20) :='c';
      Insert Into dept Values(16,v_deptname,'newyork');
    End p_1;

Fifth, the stored procedure call.
1, in another block calls: direct write stored procedure name, you can pass the appropriate parameters.
2, Sql-plus years in the call: exec stored procedure name (parameter list);
Sixth, how to edit a stored procedure
1, can write a sql-window, finished after press F8, to see if there are compilation errors.
2, through the new-program window-Procedure to create, compile press F8 after the finish, if there is a compilation error in the stored procedure name, right click, edit to modify, recompile.
3, directly through command_window create, compile errors if the Executive show errors command.
Seven, three of the stored procedure parameter mode:
in: the default mode, the equivalent of a constant, the model parameters in a stored procedure can not be modified. In the parameter list can specify a default value.
Out: the parameters of the model is equivalent to a variable, not specified in the argument list defaults.
In Out: The pattern parameter is equivalent to an initialization of variables, not specified in the argument list defaults.
1, create a stored procedure, function of the stored procedure by specifying the number of employees and wages,
Update the number of staff wages, based on the increase in the original and the updated back wages.

Create Or Replace Procedure raise_sal3(p_empno emp.empno%Type,p_sal In Out emp.sal%Type) Is
        Update emp Set sal = sal + p_sal Where empno = p_empno;
        Select sal Into p_sal From emp Where empno = p_empno;

2, write an anonymous block, call the stored procedure.

      v_sal emp.sal%Type;
      v_sal :=200;

Eight, pass parameters when calling a stored procedure approach.
1, are passed by position.
2, are passed by name.

      v_sal emp.sal%Type;
      v_sal :=200;
      raise_sal3(p_sal => v_sal,p_empno => 7788);

3, combination passes: The first argument passed by position, and the remaining parameters are passed by name.

      v_sal emp.sal%Type;
      v_sal :=200;
      raise_sal3(7788,p_sal => v_sal);

1, for the department table to add a field maxnum, integer, this field represents the establishment of the department.
Alter Table dept Add maxnum Number;
2, give different values for the field.
Select * From dept For Update
3, create a stored procedure add_emp, the stored procedure to add staff to achieve the function, the parameter for the emp% rowtype type.
When a department employs more than the maximum time of preparation of the department, prompt the user to use exception handling, "the number of establishment of the department is full, can not add employees."

Create Or Replace Procedure add_emp(p_emp emp%Rowtype) Is
         v_maxnum Number;
         v_currnum Number;
         e_too_many Exception;
           Select maxnum Into v_maxnum From dept Where deptno = p_emp.deptno;-- Query departmental establishment 

           Select Count(empno) Into v_currnum From emp Where deptno = p_emp.deptno ;-- Query sector number of the current 

           If v_currnum >=v_maxnum Then
              Raise e_too_many;
              Insert Into emp Values(p_emp.empno,p_emp.ename,p_emp.job,p_emp.mgr,p_emp.hiredate,p_emp.sal,p_emp.comm,p_emp.deptno);
              dbms_output.put_line(' Recording success ');
           End If;
            When e_too_many Then
                 dbms_output.put_line(' The departmental establishment is full ');

4, write a stored procedure call_addemp, verify the correctness of the stored procedure.

Create Or Replace Procedure call_addemp Is
             v_emp emp%Rowtype;
           Select * Into v_emp From emp Where empno= 7788;
           v_emp.empno := 7789;

Nine, the local subroutine
: Statement stored procedure in another stored procedure, use the procedure to declare the stored procedure name means, the effective range of the local routine is limited to their definition of a parent block. And must be written in the declaration of all variables.
Ten, delete stored procedures.

Exercise: write a simple Oracle stored procedure: requires the competent number showing its direct subordinate employees and all lower-level employees (Note: reference to head into the number)

Create Or Replace Procedure show_nextlevel(p_empno emp.empno%Type) Is
   Cursor emp_cursor Is Select Level,ename From emp Where empno <> p_empno Start With empno = p_empno Connect By Prior empno=mgr ;
   For emp_record In emp_cursor Loop
       If emp_record.Level =2 Then
          dbms_output.put_line(' Staff '||emp_record.ename||' Direct subordinate ');
          dbms_output.put_line(' Staff '||emp_record.ename||' For indirect subordinates ');
       End If;
   End Loop;
-- Invoke stored procedures
     show_nextlevel(p_empno => 7839);
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