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In a very simple xml to set property as long as the veditView Drawable (Right | Left | Top | Bottom) can be used in setting EditText text = (EditText) findViewById (; text.setCompoundDrawables (null, null, getResources (). getDrawable (R.drawable.check_box), null);

  • Photo Insert EditView in 2010-09-15

    In a very simple xml to set property as long as the veditView Drawable (Right | Left | Top | Bottom) can be used in setting EditText text = (EditText) findViewById (; text.setCompoundDrawables (null, null, getResources (). getDrawable (R.dr

  • Add to phpcms similar discuz bulk upload images that are 2011-01-13

    Give us a test site, under the effect of experience, account passwords are aaaaaa, where in the content management section has a bulk upload, post information in the field for large image upload, click on a page will pop u

  • Yupoo网站架构学习总结 2014-11-23

    之前向大家介绍过全球最大在线图片服务网站Flickr网站架构,Yupoo(又拍网)作为国内最大的图片服务提供商,我们也一起来看看它的架构,同样是提供图片服务,看看他与Flickr的差别在哪里,大家看完本文可以思考一下. 一.先来看看Yupoo网站的基本信息: 带宽:4000M/S (参考) 服务器数量:60 台左右 Web服务器:Lighttpd, Apache, nginx 应用服务器:Tomcat 其他:Python, Java, MogileFS .ImageMagick 等 其架构图如下

  • Use java2word to insert text in word document. Form. Picture (reproduced) 2010-06-04

    import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.List; import com.heavenlake.wordapi.Document; public class UpdateWord ( public static void main (String [] args) ( try ( Document doc = new Document (); ("F: / a.doc"); / * * Customize the te

  • Priority is the default mysql query update (insert.update.delete) precedence relations 2011-05-06

    First or update query (insert, update, delete) Priority: MySQL also allows changing the statement to the priority scheduling, which allows queries from multiple clients to better collaborate, such as a single client would not lock and wait for a long

  • Prevent the same table, insert the same record two concurrent sessions of the solution (original) 2010-10-13

    Prevent the same table, insert the same record two concurrent sessions of the solution Background Two concurrent sessions, concurrent access to a table, insert a record to the table, the primary key ID is the serial number from growing, so the two se

  • SQL Server存储过程生成insert语句实例 2013-10-27

    这篇文章主要介绍了SQL Server使用存储过程生成insert语句再执行大量插入数据的方法 你肯定有过这样的烦恼,同样的表,不同的数据库,加入你不能执行select insert 那么你肯定需要一条这样的存储过程,之需要传入表明,就会给你生成数据的插入语句. 当然数据表数量太大,你将最好用别的方式 Create proc [dbo].[spGenInsertSQL] (@tablename varchar(256)) as begin declare @sql varchar(8000) d

  • Couchdb Vs MySQL insert performance test data of the speed test 2009-03-14

    Couchdb: Quote Apache CouchDB is a distributed, fault-tolerant and schema-free document-oriented database accessible via a RESTful HTTP / JSON API. Among other features, it provides robust, incremental replication with bi-directional conflict detecti

  • Hibernate one-to-many Select delete insert 2009-04-06

    Enterprise EbpEnterprise basic table: end Enterprise Information EbpEnterpriselanguage table: multiterminal Between these two forms are one-to-many relationship. EbpEnterprise: Part code: @ CollectionOfElements (fetch = FetchType.EAGER) @ JoinTable (

  • cascade hibernate insert (Conservation at the same time to preserve the father of sub-class category) 2009-09-03

    This two-day project there is a demand for: A parent class has a sub-class collections, and the number of sub-class collection of many So think of using cascade insert method The beginning of the old tips: save the transient instance before flushing

  • spring jdbc insert (Oracle) Data Return Id 2010-02-03

    spring jdbc to oracle database, to insert the data back Id final String sqlstr = "insert into ap_user(userName,sex) values(?,?)" KeyHolder keyHolder = new GeneratedKeyHolder(); int result = 0; try { result = this.getJdbcTemplate().update( new Pr

  • Walk around - jdbc oracle insert get primary key 2010-03-29

    import java.sql.Connection; import java.sql.DatabaseMetaData; import java.sql.PreparedStatement; import java.sql.ResultSet; import java.sql.SQLException; import java.sql.Timestamp; public class OracleTest { public static void main(String[] args) { Co

  • Switch to jdbc oracle many data insert 2010-03-29

    2009-05-21 Use JDBC to insert large amounts of data, performance test Keyword : Performance testing Use the JDBC database insert 100000 records, use the statement, respectively, and PreparedStatement PreparedStatement + Batch 3 ways to test: //1. Use

  • Java using JMF webcam photo program to prepare 2010-03-29

    Java using JMF webcam photo program to prepare I procedures are divided into two kinds, interesting and uninteresting, and has recently made several interesting projects, one should be even camera photo program. For field pictures to produce photogra

  • hibernate column should be mapped with insert = "false" update = "false" 2010-03-29

    should be mapped with insert = "false" update = "false <? xml version = "1.0"?> <! DOCTYPE hibernate-mapping PUBLIC "- / / Hibernate / Hibernate Mapping DTD / / EN" "

  • In-depth understanding of the cursor Cursors, fast data search, insert, delete, update 2010-03-29

    1 , Locate the data Search Cursors //by yl [email protected] [email protected] 2008.7.7 [C#] //Create an envelope for the lower right portion of data IEnvelope envelope = new EnvelopeClass(); envelope.PutCoords(508786, 681196, 513033, 684341); // crea

  • Start a photo program and save the photos to the development of directories, as well as screen rotation parameters of the record 2010-03-29

    _path = Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory () + "/ images / make_machine_example.jpg"; protected void startCameraActivity() { File file = new File( _path ); Uri outputFileUri = Uri.fromFile( file ); Intent intent = new Intent(android.provid

  • sqlerver2000 use stored procedure to export insert statement [change] 2010-04-28

    if exists (select * from sysobjects where type='p' and name='expData') drop proc expData GO CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.expData @tablename sysname AS declare @column varchar(2000) declare @columndata varchar(2000) declare @sql varchar(8000) declare @xtype t

  • The use of Java to the Oracle database to insert data into BLOB data columns 2009-06-03

    To the Oracle Database Large Object lob the steps in the field to insert the data public int insertFileInfo(Eg_attachsfiles attachsfile,File file) { /* * The Orcale database BLOB data column to insert data operations division at few steps * In the ac

  • Table insert rows and delete rows Example 2009-08-06

    Java code <html> <head> <title> table insert rows and delete rows Example </ title> <script type="text/javascript"> / / Parameter list [table Id, copy the row index, title, number of lines, forms, Id] function click