Phone, radio, and other

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] Cell phone, radio, and other (ten communication blot)
I have a cell phone first, in early 2003. Motorola, which come from the doors, small screen, only black and white. But it can send text messages, you can call. Then use it to call or answer the phone, to 6 cents a minute, are not generally familiar with the phone connected.

The years since then, I also witnessed the regime change of mobile phone products. Screen from black and white into color, then become more vivid color; screen from only three long fingers into the palm and as long; features send text messages from the phone, to become web browsing, instant messaging, maps, location, video viewing.

At the same time, other technology products are also changing. Pentium desktop computer into a two hundred thirty-four from the Pentium, clock speed from 800MHz to become 2.8GHz, change frequency and then becomes complete audit, the former kind is called a single-core, there are dual-core nuclear power plant. Notebook is also becoming increasingly popular, more and more compact. Floppy disk has become relics, now more than 10 years ago, U-disk drive capacity is also large.

Looking back on these changes, I can not help but think of a decade ago, when the heyday of Nokia to school to do branding. I just remember it's a slogan: Connecting people, given the Chinese interpretation of their company called "technology serving humanity."

Well, these colorful technology products, to what extent they served us?

A few years ago when I was obsessed with what technology products are also intoxicated. I remember when "blog" is just popular in the country soon, I was in the browser's registered on his blog. Ubuntu operating system became popular in the country, I just installed Ubuntu 6.06 on a laptop version, used until recently. Gmail, firefox, facebook, linkedin these then new stuff, I'm not too mean to try. I have the freedom to worship full of idealism Software Association, read their articles, they read the Declaration, and take notes.

When the novelty faded, and can leave behind, only useful stuff. Firefox and gmail into my daily life, essential, and the blog was not updated for a long time already. When I was in the kitchen washing the dinner dishes tonight, in the ears is the first microwave oven on FM radio. It is a Desheng analog FM radio, in Jingdong on sale 30. Whenever I wash or bath, it brings me joy, there is no substitute.

Analog FM, this is very "old" technology. But it gives me pleasure is so fresh. The same "old" Emai technology, it still greatly help in our lives. The print is the same old, thanks to printing and can be hidden in homes of the Three Kingdoms Dream of Red Mansions, they bring me joy also fresh.

Phone this small stuff, can carry, there are so versatile, a really good magic. Today everyone needs phone. It is also to some extent become a fashion product. In the micro-blogging site, the entertainment issued to it, and almost all of the name "iphone" imprint.

Iphone how wonderful, how wonderful Apple is, as a few years ago Microsoft. Everyone needs a desktop or laptop, so they need to Microsoft, there is no second choice. In the face of iphone, you have a choice, you have htc, a moto, a nokia. At this point, there is a new visitor, it is called Andriod. It appeared the momentum, far more than the year of Linux on stage more than Firefox's debut, more than Ubuntu's debut. Because many companies, many people, follow it immediately with meat.

I am still only at the beginning of it as rabble, but when I phone in each new site to see their clients only the iphone and andriod two versions, I know the name of the first Andriod so large, the momentum is so fierce . I can not help but want to see it in style. Unfortunately, my HTC android, and did not imagine so smoothly, the standby time is short is the biggest headache. Finally, I still exchange my Nokia E63. I found that although low-key, but did not disappoint me. I need a web browser, QQ games, map location, which are all very well satisfied; time I will not stand on a street looked around to see where a socket; it even has FM radio, every day I Commuting will not be bored on the road.

One day I am a taxi home. Vehicle broadcast a BlackBerry ad, is a full-keyboard machine called the 8520 business. I check the Internet using a mobile phone, this 3G phone is not even 8520. Perhaps the ubiquitous network, than the high-speed network for the mobile phone business is more important. The GSM this "old" technology, what is not useful here. Not to mention that it is still in use by hundreds of millions of people every day, I remember a man named openbts open source project, it is the "old" GSM, SIP technology and fashion together, hoping to provide people with more for the low-cost mobile phone service.

I have three favorite invention, one FM radio, one Email, the other is the TCP / IP Socket. Socket implementation, is my favorite of engineers under the leadership of Bill Joy finished. In the 1980s, the face was new to TCP / IP, Joy decided to use old methods to achieve it, that is the same Unix file system to handle: open, read and write, close. Then new things, and now has become ancient. But the old stuff may still benefit when the installed old gracefully. When I work on the road, watching the Internet phone is constantly broken, and I did not smile, listening to FM radio interruption.