Personal use of the Desktop Application

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Accurate to say that the article is a Java-groovy series

Look at the following effect:

apache proxy to the jetty, and resources are limited, if slow, everyone was magnanimous.

This effect was originally going to do our website, but then looked, and it felt a big difference, so we have been useless.

Recently engaged in embedded java aspects of the East more, jetty h2 and the like - if they had nothing, took the desktop they used, and additional write some js and css, as a similar feeling if a small software under windows, their think of simple needs are easy to implement - such as simple information management, personal Wiki, comic online search, a distant post filtering, Mito search downloads.

This stuff, to make a plug, I just realized a personal knowledge management (not a photo-text), the right when the instance is of interest to initiate children's shoes.

Attachments are downloaded, eclipse works in the form (-cp note linux one:) - without Jar - and we re-BS me about it!

Leave a group number (just built), interested in children's shoes + 68295965