[Original] Flash upload component form (Annex components)

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1. To xtype: "flashfile" create components
2. Can limit the file types allowed to choose
3. Upload show progress
4. N one can upload files
5. Can choose whether to upload the files to delete

Note: Because of the time, being unable to provide instructions to increase after the time of the instructions and code Notes

[Original] Flash upload component form (Annex components)

        xtype: "flashfile",
        fieldLabel: " Add attachments  ",
        name: "files",

        // The site is an absolute address, you can  http At the beginning, or  / Start address
        baseUrl: "",
        // Allows you to select the file suffix list files
        allowExt: "ux/allowExt.xml",
        // To receive the file daemon
        receiver: "up.php",
        style: "margin-top:5px;",
        inputPre: "filesUpload"

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