ORACLE-MLOG high water

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Step 1 Check the SQL part of the statspack report.
MLOG $ _table_name "table, this table is" table_name "the log table, oracle table using log tables to track changes in

If the mlog $ table hwm too high will cause the number of records in the table despite the small, but doing full table scan still had a very high physical read (mlog $ table The reason why there will be a high hwm, it should be because certain period of time because of network outages or other causes of data synchronization fails, the historical record has been kept in the mlog $ table, then sync recovery, oracle will automatically delete the history off, but did not reduce hwm). Therefore, high system IO address the key issue is to reduce the materialized views associated mlog $ table hwm.

Step 2 You can use the following statement to estimate the MLOG $ table if there is a high hwm
select segment_name, bytes/1024/1024 from user_segments where segment_name like 'MLOG $%'
If you check out the MLOG table space occupied by the great, it shows that this MLOG table exists HWM.

1 to oracle user host.
(2) to connect to the database.
sqlplus "/ as sysdba"

3 will extend the service node JOB to 10 hours, and manually execute a JOB.
JOB user login database with implementation, refresh the group find the JOB number and name.
select job, rname from user_refresh;
 JOB: job number  RNAME: refresh group name
4. Modify the refresh interval time job for 10 hours.
name => 'SYNC_GROUP', - the first step in the refresh group name query
next_date => SYSDATE,
interval => 'sysdate + 36000/86400');
5 Manual implementation of the business node job.
SQL> exec (354); - the first step in the query JOB No.
SQL> commit;

6 high level cleaning MLOG table.
To "MLOG $ _table_name" table, for example. High water removal operation requires two session with the database connection management node, it can be done with the cleanup operation.

7 operate in the first session, on "table_name" table plus an exclusive lock to prevent other people to update the table (corresponding mlog $ table will no longer have change).
- Session 1

8 In the second session in operation, "table_name" table of records to a temporary table "TEMP_MLOG_table_name" in.
- Session 2

9 In the second session in operation, with truncate empty "MLOG $ _table_name" table, reducing the table hwm.
- Session 2

10 In the second session in operation, the temporary table record plug it back "MLOG $ _table_name" table, then drop off the temporary table "TEMP_MLOG_table_name".
- Session 2
SQL> INSERT INTO MLOG $ _table_name SELECT * FROM TEMP_MLOG_table_name;

11 in the first session in operation, the implementation of rollback, the release of "table_name" table exclusive locks.
- Session 1

12. To restore the business database synchronization JOB intervals of time, and manually perform a JOB.
When you are done, mlog $ table hwm is set, the system uses a significant reduction in IO, disk IO peak rate back to normal.

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