OFC2 modified version (fix problems in Chinese Y-axis)

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OFC2 is a good use of Flash graphics library, which includes the curve: line, bar (3d, glass, etc.), area, radar, etc. using the open source FlashDevelop can compile and run, but in the Chinese support has several problems such as Y-axis can not display Chinese, etc. There are two ideas to solve:

  1. The Chinese characters, such as simsun.ttc to Flash projects, compiled into Flash files, so there will be a problem, because the font library foot 10M, so the compiled Flash file will become very large, enough to have 10M or so, therefore discarded.
  2. Another idea is to solve the Y-axis shows the rotation to remove, so you can display Chinese, and it compiled Flash file will be maintained at about 200K, and the user experience, are also relatively OK, so this idea of using this solution

Modify the source YLegendBase.as file build function after modified as follows:

private function build( text:String ): void {

                        var title:TextField = new TextField();
            title.x = 0;
                        title.y = 0;

                        this.text = text;

                        title.htmlText = this.text;

                        var fmt:TextFormat = new TextFormat();
                        fmt.color = this.css.color;

                        fmt.font = this.css.font_family?this.css.font_family:'Verdana';

                        if (fmt.font == "spArial") {
                                title.embedFonts = true;
                                title.antiAliasType = AntiAliasType.ADVANCED;
                                title.rotation = 270;
                                title.height = title.textHeight;

                        fmt.bold = this.css.font_weight == 'bold'?true:false;
                        fmt.size = this.css.font_size;
                        fmt.align = "center";

                        title.autoSize = "left";


Note: If the incoming font-family for the spArial, then the rotation and then, after recompilation changes will see the following results:

OFC2 modified version (fix problems in Chinese Y-axis)

, One can properly display the Chinese Y-axis, oh, just put it sideways, no rotating 270 °, and click the right side of the Legend will show hidden curves, the effect is good, oh, compiled Flash files can be downloaded in the Annex!

You can also here to see concrete results: http://code.faqee.com/chart2/index.jsp

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