--- Note to learn regular expressions

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package zhengzebiaodashi;

import java.util.regex.Matcher;
import java.util.regex.Pattern;

public class test
    //\b  Per character represents the beginning or end of a word
    //.  Represent any character
    //*  Per character, the character in front of a continuous re-use any number of times
    //   private static String demo = "\bhi\b.*\bLucy\b";

    //0  Beginning
    //\d  Digital
    //-  Is not a metacharacter, matches only itself  --  Hyphen
    // private static String tel = "0\d{2}-\d{8}";

    //\w  Matching letters or numbers or an underscore, or Chinese characters
    //\s  Matches any whitespace, including spaces  ,  Tabs  (Tab),  Line breaks, Chinese and other full-width space
    // \d+  Match 1 or more consecutive numbers
    //^,$  A position that matches  

    // private static String qq = "^\d{5,8}$";

    //  Escape characters     \.=.   \* = *

    //[aeiou]  To match any of the English vowel  ,[.?!]  Punctuation matching  (.  Or? Or  !).

    //|  Separate the different rules, it will test each condition from left to right  ,  If you meet a certain branches would not have to re-tube the other conditions of the  .

    //()  Group  ;
   // public static String demo = "[01]?\\d?\\d";

    //  Negate
     * \W   Not match any letters, numbers,  ,  Underscore the character of Chinese characters
        \S   Matches any whitespace character is not
        \D   Matches any non-numeric characters
        \B   Not the beginning or end of the match the location of the word
        [^x]   Matches any character other than the addition x
        [^aeiou]   In addition to these letters aeiou match any character other than  


  //  public static String demo = "[^abcd][^a]";

    //(?=exp)  It asserted itself behind the position appears to match the expression  exp
    //(?<=exp) Also called zero-width assertion is made after review, it asserts itself to appear in front of the expression to match  exp
     * @param args
    public static void main(String[] args)
//        String test = "eb";
//        Pattern pa = Pattern.compile(demo);
//        Matcher ma = pa.matcher(test);
//        if (ma.matches())
//        {
//            System.out.println("match ok");
//        }
//        else
//        {
//            System.out.println("math no");
//        }
        Pattern p = null;
        Matcher m = null;
        if (m.matches())
              System.out.println("match ok");
             System.out.println("math no");

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