Natives series AS Tutorial - Basics

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[1b] Introduction [/ 1b]:
I write these tutorials in the hope fans of Flash beginners can
[1b] and more hands, less questions [/ 1b]
. I like these tutorials surface have Flash (MX) based on operational knowledge of the reader. See my tutorial at the same time, we hope to open Flash, look at them while doing so you will be more profound impression that, by the way also to see where I was wrong:)
[1b] [1b] AS foundation [/ 1b] [/ 1b]
Flash animation Flash did fans know, to make a Flash animation, AS is essential, even if only a few very simple code to play the Flash finishing point. Here I simply introduce the basic knowledge of AS.
First we have to understand
AS to write where, and when the implementation of AS would be triggered.
1, [1b] frame [/ 1b]:
Written in the key frame above the AS, when the timeline on the key frame pointer came when written in the frame on top of AS is triggered executed. Common examples are in the frame end of the film written on the stop () and so on. How is the click key frame, and then open the AS panel.
2, [1b] button [/ 1b]:
Different from the frame above the AS, AS is to have the button to trigger the above conditions. AS should be written on the button, the operation is to click the target button and then open the AS panel. For example can say more to understand.
Suppose there is an animation to complete it in play and stop, then you need to do is in the animation of the last one to write AS
stop ();
Suppose there is a button, the effect is press the button to stop playback, then the following steps.
Make a button, into the main scene, click the button, and then open the AS panel. If the button is now also write stop ();
Then, the output will prompt an error when. The right should be written
on (
) (
stop ();
More than the frame of the animation here the code: on (release) (), the code translates to: if (release) (
Code red events that trigger events of the mouse, here is the release with the release, the button of common events:
Release releaseOutside
Release outside the button press
Press rollOver
Button mouse into the sensing area rollOut
Mouse left button of the sensing area is now very clear: to write some AS on the button above that this format:
on (events) (code to be executed)
3, [1b] MC (movie clip)
[/ 1b] If you read the contents of the above, then write and write AS MC above the button on the similar. How is the click MC, and then open the AS panel. See example onClipEvent (
) (
stop ();
Similarly, MC need an event to trigger the implementation of AS. Translate this code is that when clip (loaded) (
Code Red also said an event. MC these events are the following:
Loading arises when the MC implementation. That is, unless uninstalled the MC, or load event code only once within the unload
Uninstall, uninstall the time when the MC implementation enterFrame
There's every frame. MC exist in the implementation of a code for each frame should. If your scene with 100 frames, there began to MC from 41 to 100 before disappearing, then the MC above 60 times mouseDown code execution
Click the mouse anywhere within the scene count. And the buttons are not the same place mouseMove
Move the mouse, move the mouse on the implementation of the code as long as mouseUp
Release the mouse as you want to clear: to write the code on the MC must always be in this format:
onClipEvent (event) (code)
See here, if you understand the writing in the frame, button, MC What is the code on different tasks to complete the paper even carried over:

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