MySql trigger problem

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Wonder that strange, I use MySQL-Front Front tool to create a trigger using the wrong delimiter 1046 actually reported, but using cmd in the command, or can, indeed played a strange. . . Looking for a long time found that the trigger is created in a table directly under, and not created in the database. . . . Still to be studied ah. . .

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    Wonder that strange, I use MySQL-Front Front tool to create a trigger using the wrong delimiter 1046 actually reported, but using cmd in the command, or can, indeed played a strange. . . Looking for a long time found that the trigger is created in a

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    Syntax ~ ~ ~ ~ CREATE TRIGGER <trigger name> - the trigger must have a name, up to 64 characters with separator may be behind it and other objects in MySQL naming basic resemblance. {BEFORE | AFTER} - the trigger has to set the execution time: can b

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    1 Introduction Mysql triggers and stored procedures, are embedded into the section of the mysql program. Triggers are mysql5 new features, the current online Phoenix Nest, Columbus Compass system and database system are mysql5.0.45 version, many prog

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    All the xhtml pages, Netbeans IDE encoding are both set to UTF8, but the back-end database this does not correspond to the encoding. First modified the mysql configuration file: my.ini (or my.conf), [mysql] default-character-set=UTF8 [mysqld] default

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    1, set global wait_timeout = 10; vs set wait_timeout = 10; no need restart mysql 2, On thread startup, the session wait_timeout value is initialized from the global wait_timeout value or from the global interactive_timeout value, depending on the typ

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    mysql The installation startup problems To install the MySQL database linux os ,mysql-5.1.23-rc-linux-x86_64-icc-glibc23.tar.gz If you always read during the installation of the configuration file parameters, you can use the following command # Insta

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    MYSQL database coding problems exist, the main character will be reflected in the database, garbled, WEB page display unusual character. Summed up as only one reason: there will be places where there coding coding inconsistencies. WEB Development: MY

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    Using MySQL without a doubt the most headaches is the famous MySQL garbled, although always with Oracle, but as a good lightweight database, MySQL is undoubtedly the best choice. Long time no use in Linux, MySQL, and have again met in Ubuntu10.04 gar

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    First introduced to the situation I encounter: Action from the JSP page spread in the Chinese language is no problem, save the time it was the Chinese, save the results page is displayed in Chinese, but the database is garbled. Cause of the problem i

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    In our client and the remote connection with Mysql database server process, prone to the following questions: ERROR 2003 (HY000): Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (111) Mysql database for this reason that the default configuration file

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    ubuntu mysql After two my.cnf Bahrain One is the copy from the support-files under. Copied to the mysql installation directory. And one in / etc / mysql / my.cnf here. When mysql start is to use the mysql installation directory under the my.cnf file.

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    mysql table field memo varchar (700), I insert into table1 (memo) values ('attention to warm cold'); Insert in mysql browser when prompted to insert the total length of the data too long, Was found to be the table coding problem, modify the encoding

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    Sql file is created in the implementation of this table is always prompt an error, "KEY` user_id `(` user_id `) USING BTREE," error encountered USING BTREE always eventually found to be low-mysql version, so relieved the original to re-install t

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    After a week of hard work has finally solved the problem, especially to extract the experience down note. This article will address the following question several garbled. Chinese into mysql table appears garbled, mysql from JSP page to read the data

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    Seem to learn little things really cost to Shinto real guns to run through, or with a lot of details. First, remove the trigger. DROP TRIGGER DEL_TR; See many examples like: DROP TRIGGER IF EXISTS xxx; but my version of mysql do not support the trigg

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    Reproduced Quote I believe a friend of mine encountered this problem, especially not the first time installing mysql friends. Note: I said are in the mysql system windowsXP problem problem description is gener

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    mysql innodb in, or failure exists when the recovery recovery after a very long time problem, the next check, the original for the following reasons: When a fault occurs, restart the service, it will automatically resume operation before the database