Mysql install free version of the authority is not superstitious

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Recently, a new under Mysql, because of the recent programs in the style used to Linux, so do not like Windows, a set of installation wizard. So download a free version of the installation.

To map a save, directly next to the DBA asked how to use, the answer was "Windows does not support the free version installed!" I said, "Since the official website can be downloaded to will be able to use!" Its not. Of course, I still believe that can be used. Subsequently, google, Baidu a lot, and finally make sure I was right, step is quite simple, as follows:

cd E: \ mysql-5.1.51-win32 \ bin

mysqld.exe - console

This started the mysql server, easy right?

Then add a user, and then open a cmd cosole, is that black box. Or

cd E: \ mysql-5.1.51-win32 \ bin

mysql-u root

So that the shell into the mysql, and the following google everywhere, I will not say.

Pull from the point of view, true DBA authority in the database is relatively easy to point, but as long as they have questions, it must not blindly follow; of course have no idea Han, or listen to the authority of the good.

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