myeclipse8.5M1 License

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// From someone else's blog post from the rainy
MyEclipse 8.5 M1 Registration code  

name:myeclipse8.5 code:zLR8ZC-855550-68567156703100078
name:52accptech code:0LR8ZC-855550-68567157524981450
name:bingchuan code:oLR8ZC-855550-68567157669572882 

Subscriber: y
Subscription code: lLR8ZO-655444-65678656493214480 

Subscription code: iLR8ZO-655444-65678656097532374

Subscriber: china
Subscription code: pLR8ZO-655444-65678656734655218 

Subscriber: a Subscription code: nLR8ZO-655444-6567865765848444
Subscriber: c Subscription code: pLR8ZO-655444-65678656526531098

 Send a registration key to Window-preferences-myeclipse-subscription RI  . Version to a different position or may not be the same
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