MyEclipse Right-click Run As there Eclipse Application solution

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Author: wasw100

Wrote it myself, when a program is running, right-click the mouse into the Run As, the right side appeared Eclipse Application, always point wrong, open a new Eclipse, shown in Figure

--Run As
        --Eclipse Application   Alt+Shift+X, E
        --Java Application              Alt+Shift+X, J
        --OSGi Framework                Alt+Shift+X, O
        --Open Run Dialog...

The following is a solution:

Open your project location, use the Text tool (Notepad, UltraEdit, EditPlus, etc.) to open. Project file can be read as follows in

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

That is, the extra <buildCommand> and <natures> removed, leaving only the two above, restart MyEclipse, then right-click Run As, Eclipse Application, OSGi Framework were gone.

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