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Thought for a long, long time! I do not know whether they could take the first step!
Three basic requirements:
(1) Education: Bachelor degree or above (including college), Major: Computer Bachelor; specialist education, computer and related, 3 years of relevant job experience;
(2) Work Experience: more than one year experience in java development; B / S 2 years experience in project development; 3 years of Java, J2EE, XML and other development experience, 1 year experience in architecture design (Windows environment);
(3) project development requirements: a certain amount of project development experience;
In fact, these three requirements, we can say is currently the most developed class of technical posts, there are always requirements.
Education is just a stepping stone, we can not help you, you can meet the basic requirements and, of course, if your request is not appropriate, can emphasize your technical strength.
Work experience and project development requirements, many students say, how can I have the experience ah, I have no way to find a job?
No way, this society is so cruel, most companies do not want to spend the cost of training people, want to use skilled.
But on the other hand, said, with some experience in project development, work will be much higher starting point, regardless of income, or development, you will stand in a more favorable position.
In fact, students can also be some training, and accumulated a lot of experience in project development, 2-3 years of working level programmers, to say that we have dedicated a separate article.

Three soft power requirements:
(1) has a strong ability to learn.
(2) has a good presentation and communication skills, strong communication skills, enterprising;
(3) has the ability to read the relevant technical requirements document; has a certain software design and document preparation skills.
These three requirements, but also to present the basic requirements of IT technical staff, and learning related to your career whether sustainable development capacity;
Communication skills related to the pleasure you can work in teams, but also ensure the smooth progress of the project;
Reading and writing skills, which is almost the soft underbelly of China's science and engineering students, so recruiters are generally strong emphasis.
But these capacities, properly trained in the work, you can improve, after all, is soft power, the interview is not a good assessment, the key is the following mandatory technical requirements.

Java rigid technical requirements:
(1) proficient in JAVA development language proficiency Eclipse development tools; familiar with HTML, fluent in Apache, JSP, Servlet and other related Web development technology; familiar with the major databases, proficiency in SQL.
(2) familiar with struts, spring, hibernate and other common development framework; view, analyze, and other Java open source projects, the aforementioned source code is preferred.
(3) Familiar with JavaScript and Ajax technology; has more than one year and Ajax development experience or familiar Javascript.
Through the merger of similar items, the above three requirements, all companies are basically recruiting the basic requirements of Java programmers.

In addition, there are some characteristics of requirements:
Proficient in J2EE, application servers such as the familiar mainstream JBOSS, WebLogic, WebSphere at least one;
Familiar with the J2EE platform deployment configuration and performance tuning (weblogich and websphere); familiar with the web service development, proficient in a large database development and debugging;
Proficient Transaction, Security, Persistence and implementation of mechanisms such as, IOC, AOP, SOA and other concepts and implementation;
Master object-oriented analysis and design techniques and tools, including UML, etc.;
Understand Web application performance bottlenecks and tune the way; understanding of software testing, software engineering, SOA, design patterns and other related knowledge;
Applications over UML, refactoring, software design patterns, Ruby technology preferred ... ...
Of course, these technical requirements, is not particularly hard to master you will be required, and some can quickly learn to master, some require a long period of accumulation.
Recruiters themselves also understand that these requirements are the requirements of human resource reserves style, if you have, you can add points in the interview, not available, the relationship is not large.

How to become a qualified Java programmer?
Well, with the above analysis, we can see, to become a qualified Java programmers, must have excellent technical skills, focus on three areas:
(1) proficient in the basic Java object-oriented syntax, to complete the Java Web development.
(2) skilled SSH three development framework, can use them to complete some projects.
(3) to master Ajax development techniques.

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