Mouse over the text produces light effect

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Learning effects generated by the mouse across the text.
01, the new flash document, the background color: 645 646, frame rate 30, size: 150 * 50.

02 import】 【File】 【】 【import to the stage into a bitmap. (The photo shows the original file, this bit map in the background under a transparent background for us to set the background color)

03, select the imported bitmap, right into components, called "text." Type: Graphics. "Ctrl + B" break up a bitmap, do not use the selection tool to select the part, remove!

Note: New elements: too light effect, type: movie clip.
This mc add 3 layers, then there are four layers, using two masks, two layers of light to achieve results.

From the bottom are: the text layer, cover a layer, the text layer, cover layer 2.
04, drag the text components in the layer 1 and layer change is: text. Select the text properties, adjust the color brightness: 24%. Article 35, insert the frame:

05, add in the text layer above the layer, to cover 1, in the first frame draw a rectangle, respectively 17, 35, insert the key frame, and in 1 - 17,17 - 35 set up between the frames shape tween.
06, and to cover a layer set to the mask layer, see Figure 3 below, respectively, at 1,17,35 rectangular frame shape and location of office.

Add a layer in the cover layer, change layer known as: text, select the text component. Property bar, color brightness: 56%.
07, also inserted in the first 35 frames.

In this text layer above, adding layers, with the following: cover 2, left in the first frame draw a rectangle in the text, insert key frame 35, drag the rectangle to the text on the right, and in 1 - 35 between the establishment of the shape tween.
This carried over:

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