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MongoDB has been used for a long time, MongoDB-based data storage has been no use to have permission to access (MongoDB default no permission to access restrictions), spent some time today specifically studied a bit of research results are as follows:
Note: The research results based on the Windows platform
MongoDB deployed in the machine after installing
1 Enter the command: show dbs, you will find that it has two built-in database, a name is admin, called local. local seems futile, if in the course of which found that the use of local table, hoping to remind the message, then we concentrate on the table for that admin
2 Enter the command: use admin, you will find that the DB contains a system.user under the table, Oh, yes, this table is equivalent to MsSql in the user table to hold the super-administrator, and then we go out into the add a super administrator it inside try
3 Enter the command: db.addUser ('sa', 'sa'), where I add a super administrator user, username is sa, password for sa, now that we add a super administrator, then we will go to test Next, we see no need to re-connect MongoDB prompt for user name, password, we exit to (ctrl + c)
4 Enter the command: use admin
5 Enter the command: show collections, see all the tables in the library, you will find, MongoDB does not prompt you to enter a user name and password, it is strange, how is this going on? The beginning of the article mentioned,
MongoDB default setting is no permission to access restrictions, now that so, then we first need to have permission to access it to set a limit, let's look at the results, how to set it?
6. In the registry, find MongoDB node in its ImgPath, we change it, add-auth, as follows:
"D: \ Program Files \ mongodb \ bin \ mongod"-dbpath e: \ work \ data \ mongodb \ db-logpath e: \ work \ data \ mongodb \ log-auth-service
7 Enter the command: use admin
8 Enter the command: show collections, Oh, we found it impossible to view the library under the table, the prompt: "$ err": "unauthorized db: admin lock type: -1 client:", it is clear, suggesting that there is no rights, it seems the key is here, we start MongoDB, you need to add-auth parameter, so we set the permissions to take effect, well, then we use the set just before the user name and password to access the
9 Enter the command: db.auth ('sa', 'sa'), a result of the output value of 1, indicating that the user is matched, if the user name, password wrong and they'll enter 0
10 Enter the command: show collections, Oh, the results came out, here, is also only mentioned permission settings half, and then goes on to talk, let's withdraw (ctrl + c)
11 Enter command: mongo TestDB, we try to connect a new library (whether the library exists, if does not exist, add data to the library, the library created by default), then, we would like to see the library table
12 Enter the command: show collections, Goodfellas, no authority, we created above, enter the user name, password
13 Enter command: db.auth ('sa', 'sa'), enter the result 0, the user does not exist, this next one might not understand, just in front of it created, how could it not exist? The reason is: when we separate the database access MongoDB need to have permission to access the situation, not the super administrator user name password, but the library system.user table users, note that I said here is a single access situation and what is not a separate visit to the situation? Then repeat that, now supposed to, no authority, then we try to add the library system.user users table
14 Enter command: db.addUser ('test', '111111 '), Holy crap, still do not have permission prompts, it can be supposed that the new database using the super administrator can not access, create, users do not have permission, Oh, Do not worry, now that the administrator set a super user, then it must have access to all library
15 Enter command: use admin
16 Enter command: db.auth ('sa', 'sa')
17 Enter command: use TestDB
18 Enter the command: show collections, ha ha, smooth the way, we find that the administrator can use the super-user access to other libraries, Oh, this is not the case of a single visit, not difficult to find, we are the first to enter the admin database, sub- to other library's, admin is the equivalent of a top-level officials in your area, if you are a real estate business, would like to get hold of large projects in the areas doing, you do not want to do after those senior officials, it does not work, you need They go to where the delivery point gift, and then down down to the place, you can get our hands on projects, and this statement is only personal opinion, does not mean blog park; now that works to get the hand, and begin to build up, then we will not add every brick, tile had to go and add a band of senior officials greeted it, so we have to make the legalization of this project, we have to get the relevant procedures and documents is complete, and will not be illegally built
19 Enter command: db.addUser ('test', '111111 '), we add a user to TestDB library, after each visit to the library, I use just created this user, we first exit (ctrl + c)
20 Enter command: mongo TestDB
21 Enter the command: show collections, tips do not have permission
22 Enter command: db.auth ('test', '111111 '), output 1, the user exists, the validation is successful
23 Enter the command: show collections, did not prompt me again do not have permission, congratulations, success tired ah! Breath finish, Oh Note: When you need permission to access MongoDB, if you need to see MongoDB all the libraries, we can only super-administrator privileges, enter the command show dbs to view the.

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